22 November 2007

People has been home today. She watched a thing on TV called The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and a dog show, and a movie that made water fall out of her head-eyes really.

People sprung a buncha leaks today. I'd worry about her if I didn't know that sometimes peoples do that and they are still OK without having to go the peoples V.E.T.

And all day she put cold things in the make-it-hot box she calls the oven that made really good smells while getting hot. Just for us, she told me. We'll be eating this for the next few days, Mozart, she said. Fine by me, this is good!

IN IS BETTER! So say I, Mozart! Birdie tastes MUCH better after it has been in the oven!

I like sweet potato cassarole, and mashed white potato and sour cream cassarole, and those green things she called beans.

Which we already knew 'coz when she brings the bag home I steal two or three and eat them raw. But since I've been living with People, I kinda like green beans cooked, too.

I eat beans, so I can't figure out why the other cats call peoples beans-are we gonna eat them someday??

But I only ate a little of the cranberry thingies, eew, NASTY.

And so my first Thanksgiving goes.


I thought People would NEVER get off the Boris so's I could have a turn. She would get up to do something in the kitchen room and I would jump up thinking I could finally do some Mozart blogging, but People would come back and drop me off the damn chair!


I've spent a lot of the day trying to get more Birdie, and looking out of the window behind the couch at the windy, wet, and altogether blustery day.

People got a big box out of the closet, and said to me "SEASON'S GREETINGS young Mozart! Welcome to the first day of Season's Greetings!"

Yes, kitties, In Is Better, especially on the first day of Season's Greetings when it is wet and windy and altogether blustery Out.

People has now started putting all manner of interesting treasures on the tables, and the couch is covered with plastic tree parts (eew, plastic tree is Nasty!), so I have my turn with Boris the computer finally. People is completely absorbed in putting all these sparkly things on little hangers from the plastic tree...

Hmmm, dangly things! The dangly things are sparkly, too. And is that a fluttery things? A glass Birdie with real fluttery things dangling from it's glass body?!

My first Christmas in my People's house...

I'll never understand a plastic tree in the house, though, even with all those tempting fluttery, dangly, sparkly-OH!

Oh, I do not think People is going to like what I am thinking...

Gotta go!