15 March 2009

Mozart here, just wanted to let everyone know we'll be offline for a while. People is on another frugal kick, so she's shutting down the 'Net, cable, and (yeah, right) says she quitting smoking.

Works for me if she does, she smokes Outside and we don't like her to be here but not here. Gonzita and I aren't buying it though. We'll see.

Hehe, Gonzita! She hates it, the little furball brat, Gooooooooooooonnnnnnnzzzzzita!

Hehe, haha, lol, roflol, I guess we're even now on the Unca Molzart thing, muwahahaha!

People's washing machine is dying, and she wants to pay cash for a new one, plus she wants to do some more renovations on The Tin Shack, and she says now she is celery at her hunting place she doesn't get extra green papers for the many, many hours she puts it there. Dammitt, 'cause I was pretty well hooked on HBOF and Animal Planet.

But Gonzita is gonna hurt the most, she's hooked on some guy named Howard, or Clark, or something like that, maybe both, is it Howard Clark, or Clark Howard? Well anyway, she says he makes really good sense and is easier on the eye and ear than that Sooz Ormand or whatever person.

Poor Gonzita, poor People, poor peoples-People says this crunch is becoming viselike. We're OK, ok, we're giving up the frills, but the kibble is still premium, and the house was warm when we woke up, so it's all good.

Gonzita and I have each other, and we are asking Anubis to keep an eye out for People's son, hoping that Anubis will lead Fox home. Hey, Anubis is the protecter of ALL orphans and lost beings, two or four leg, right?

Well, take care of yerselves, efurbody, we'll miss ya!