27 May 2012

They've been busy doing everything except leaving the computers open so I could read my letters from Mum and Dad, and post replies. Not. Acceptable.

Luckily Her is in the front garden (quite the project going out there, heh!) and Him is in the study working on his book. So I am in the back on Her laptop, and can reply to this letter from Mum that was posted OVER TEN DAYS AGO!

Blogger Roos Mum said...
Hello my darling Roo. Your Dad has sold 4 Motorbikes. The bungalow is on the market. We have seen some lovely houses in Devon that are for sale, but until this sells we are stuck. I'm hoping as it's a bungalow it will sell quickly, but we've only two viewings so far. Maybe it's because we've used an online site the age of the people that usually buy these aren't computer savvy. I've told your dad if it hasn't sold within the month, I want to get in touch with proper estate agents.

I had to take your sisfur da Dinkie to the vet last week as we thought she has a furball in her tummy. She WAS NOT impressed with what the v*t did to her, or the fact she had to have antibiotics twice a day. Shadow & Smudge are both fit as fiddles, although Smudge still misses my Mum and goes around the house shouting for her. A couple of nights a week I sleep in the single room to give him some company & your Dad some peace from my snoring lol. Your Dad let him sleep in our room on Saturday, and didn't even know he was there until he walked across the top of his head shouting he needed to go out - mol mol, but it was a 6.45am, so I opened the bedroom door and he went and got on his chair in the lounge.

I'm really looking forward to us being reunited as soon as we've got a new house sorted out in Devon, and hope it won't be too long.

Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Smudge, Shadow & da Dinkie xxx
May 14, 2012 4:17 PM
Dear Mum and Dad, HIYA!!
Poor little Dinkie! I certainly hope she is fine now, and that she hasn't had to visit the V*t again. I don't much like him either, even though he knows I am a superb specimen of feline grace and certainly doesn't hesitate to say so, I still do not care to visit there. At all.
However, he sent a little card to Them that it is time for my worming (ick, ack, gag!!) so They are taking me in some time next week. I. Am. Not. Amused.
I am very glad to hear Smudge and Shadow continue well, I hope Dinkie has made a full recovery from her ordeal!
I'm fine, not doing much at all really except lying about in the sun when Him and Her put The Horrible on me and tie my lead to the washing line. I quite like lying in the grass, even when the little 'beans from next door come up and stare at me over the garden gate. Him brings my water bowl out and sets it in the shady part of the garden. I eat grass, whorf up hair balls, drink water, and lie in the sun. Then I lie in the shade.
Yes, it's a Kat's Life I'm living up here in Scotland! The Warm is finally back, and it is so warm that They have not put wood in the stove for several days. I confess I miss having a bit of a fire in the evenings even though it is quite warm all through the night.
I am very much looking forward to being Home. I think They will miss me terribly when I do come home and I admit I shall think of them fondly. But it will be good to be Home! I hope the bungalow sells well, and soon:)