09 February 2008

Mozart and Gonzo have graciously permitted me to borrow their blogspot tonight to let you all know that they are fine, the long space in posting has been my fault. My job has been especially difficult the past couple of months and I come from work ready to collapse. If I've any energy to use the computer, it is all work, work, work, except for the rare 'grr' moment on my blog to vent.

The boys seem to understand that all the computer time has been reserved for the work related situation, although Gonzo is such an enthusiast he tries to type with me no matter what page I'm on:)

Tonight is especially difficult for me as it is one year practically to the minute that Gator passed (2111 ET). I miss him terribly, and I am so glad Mozart and Gonzo have chosen to share their lives with me-it helps a lot. Sometimes, like tonight, I'm afraid I'm not the best company, but they still love me.

Thank-you all for being such great friends to the boys. I promise to be better about letting them update their blog from now on.

Gator, 24th May 1994 to 8th February 2007. I do miss you, old man.