31 August 2009

Frum the itteh bitteh doomer kitteh commiteh:

"PREPS, we haz 'em!"

People is on her holiday.

huh? Wot's holiday without Christmas trees for Gonzita to knock over?? OH! Right. I knew that. We are so used to the funny way People talks we forget she was raised talking funny and calling things funny thing. Like holiday, for vacation.

OK, back to PREPS. I, Mozart, very much like this PREPS thing. So much so that I hereby declare that PREPS shall always be fully capitalized in order to make clear the deep importance of PREPS.

People also very much likes LOLKats on www.Icanhazcheeseburger.com so we honor her by using the funny little kitty joke above.

You need to understand that while Gonzo is a rather tiny, itteh-bitteh kitteh, I, Mozart am a very large and healthy BIG cat Do. Not. Mess. With. Me. I am a Doomer Kat, or did you miss my bio in the early pages of this blog?

And after People's latest hunting trip, Gonzzie and I are very well PREPPED Doomers Kats.

As you also know from the earliest days of this blog, we have always been Doomer Kats, and have always been the proud feline possessors of well-stocked BOBs (bug-out bags to you noobs here). Once a month or so People checks the bags to make sure she can grab and go. We have her well trained, doncha think?

But today we hit the motherlode!! People keeps our kibble in one of those see-in boxes, she swears it's food-grade, whatever. We used to have a small one, it only held a couple of people weeks worth of kibble-not good in our opinion.

Chesire cat smiles, guess what People brought in today? Nah, you'll never guess. I'll just tell ya.


PREPS. We definitely haz 'em:):):):):):):):):):):)