26 December 2008


Gonzo is a girl cat. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

I've been wondering when People would figure it out. I knew she has been paying attention to Gonzo and the lack of male behaviours (which until the last few days People has been chalking up to good luck) but not enough with the very busy schedule People had been keeping right up until Christmas Eve.

Oh this surely is the best joke on People in a very long time!

On Christmas Eve People started a twelve day holiday from work and has been resting the last few days, mostly on my couch.

Blissful little Gonzo has been right next to People the whole time while I have been perching on the lovely napping area/sofa back.

Now, you have to understand People has been away Hunting, Gonzo is rather ladylike even when she rolls over on her back, and after all, the first V.E.T. did say Gonzo was a boy cat. Of course, People did take us to a new V.E.T. but he hasn't really looked too close at little Miss Gonzo down there being too busy saving her from that nasty cold.


Now People understands why Gonzo was acting a little extra goofy a couple of weeks ago and why she was trying to start a fight with me whenever I got near her, and why Gonzo has not shown the slightest interest in that nastiest cat habit of spraying (which of course I do not do because I was neutered early enough to keep it from happening:)

Now People is trying to console herself for missing the obvious by telling herself the first V.E.T. did say Gonzo was male, that Gonzo is thick furred and has these little tufts down there that kinda look like, um, well, you know, and that she has been extra busy this past year...

From the look of People, she is not buying into her excuses.

Poor little Gonzo will be going to Dr. Dave for her spaying in the next month or so.


25 December 2008

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good life!

Seasons Greetings from Gonzo and Mozart

04 December 2008

"Molzie, 'ol pal, alls I kin say is, if it ain't good enuff fur People, it fur dang shure ain't good enuff fur us!"

The little Beggar (yes, with a capital 'B'), the wee fake!!

Now tap water is not good enough for him, and he dares bring me into the argument!


The latest Gonzo affectation began two weeks ago. People is verrrrrry careful to ensure our food and water bowls are full before she leaves for her Hunting Place

(Where, dare I say it, she has managed to retain her place, gain a slight promotion and raise, and best of all, regain her enthusiasim. Yippee, a bit more green papers so that she can bring me, er, us, prezzies!)

And she is also very attentive to our plaintive mewlings as she fumbles with the jingly-janglys to unlatch the door; she comes straight in and fills our bowls before she does anything more than put down her Hunting Bag. (She calls it a purse. Whatever.)

She is thick, but not so dim she missed the dry water dish.

Hmph! Dry because Brat, er, Gonzo had been tipping it over...

"HEY! I was gonna drink that!!"

Not to mention I DO NOT LIKE WET PAWS that I have not chosen for myself. Water is fun when I, Mozart want it. Otherwise, I, Mozart, DO NOT LIKE WET PAWS!!

"Get over it, hit the leaking tap. People drinks water outta the special water bowl, the strangely shaped one that has a top so I can't get in it even when I tip it over. It must be very special, because she trades green papers for it. So, we should have it too."

"People drinks bottled water because the pipes out here are old and made of lead which is bad and can make People very sick, and...ya know Gonzie, I think you're onto something. But must you tip out the water bowl?? My paws get all wet. Besides, do you think she will figure it out BEFORE I DIE OF THIRST??"

People really can be a bit thick sometimes.


I am not sure which of us is the more smug. I because I knew the 'strangely shaped water bowl with a cap' is a bloody bottle. Or Brat, er, Gonzo, who now thinks he is a genius because People only needed three Mozart & Gonzo water bowl tip-outs to figure out Gonzo wants bottled water.

To be honest, she only really got it because Gonzo caught on that he should splash it out in front of her if he really wanted to get her attention-she'd been thinking one of us had kitty diabetes and she was planning a trip to the V.E.T.-YIKESSS!

The third time worked, he tipped out the bowl in front of her horrified eyes just after she'd refilled it from the kitchen tap.

"Bloody HELL Gonzo! What are you...NO! STOP! GONZO! Dammit. What do you want, bloody bottled water?" And she poured us a bowl full straight from her bottle.

Which Gonzo immediately drank with obvious appreciation; I joined in with equal gusto-drinking as though I'd just come in from the Sahara.

Which caused People to laugh and say, "Oh alright, I guess if it isn't right for me to drink out of these taps, you two shouldn't be drinking from the taps either."

OK, so now we are enjoying much nicer water. Much nicer. Frankly, dear readers, the tap water here smells like the extra stuff People puts in the washing machine with the towels (she calls it bleach, we call it bleacck!) and some other wrong kinda smells I can't identify.

And LOL, no, ROFLOL, think that just a year and a half ago I didn't know what the water bowl was! I can dimly recall my sense of wonder that People had a special bowl of water for me-no more drinking from mud puddles and worse. Ah, how far one comes, when one is loved!

She had a thing on the kitchen tap called a filter, but the water still tasted funny, so I guess the Brat, er, Gonzo, has a good reason for his smugness-I, Mozart would likely never have thought of it on my own. But we are after all her entire reason for breathing, and therefore deserve the best of the best.

Enough about the Brat. Much more about I, Mozart, who can communicate realities to People with more subtle and graceful means. For Example:

People likes to give Kitty Flying Lessons if I try to remind her of the Important Realities (empty bowl, nasty litter box, my lack of new toys and total attention...), particularly if it happens to be the wee hours of the morning.

I, Mozart, at nearly 13 lovely (and all muscle, too) pounds, do not like Kitty Flying Lessons. Additionally and most importantly, I am wounded to the core when she refuses my reminders.

So thrice I have slipped past her as she comes in from The Hunting Place and punished her by being 'away' for hours.

How truly lovely it was to hear her plaintive calls into the cold and misty nights as I huddled under the porch in true sacrifice to teach her a lesson.

Well, the third time I did let her catch me right away because I slipped out into sleet-AAAAACK!

And the third time she got it-"Oh Mozart, you know, I think you try to run away when I've been cross with you waking me up two hours before the alarm!"

No, ya think? Sheez.

To be sure, I tested her, and sure enough, even groggy with sleep People got it-"Oh Moat, you poor thing, is your bowl empty?" But dang it, she just gave me a hug and tried to get me to lie down as she scratched behind my ears until I gave up and jumped down. At least the Kitty Flying Lessons have stopped. If Bast meant for us to fly we would be birds. Ohhh, fluttery things:)

But the minute the alarm when off, I was right back in her face...and she thanked me! Big hug, nice scritchings, then, ahhhhhhhhhhh, a nice fresh full bowl of the nicest organic kibble and reverse osmosis bottled water.


OK, one last thing, our little Gonzo (who really is small, six pounds, tops) is now 13 months old. His one year First In Day is swift approaching, too, the 19th of December.

Nubis was really looking out for both of us, me and Gonzo. Bast should be very proud of her appointed Guardian of the abandoned, homeless, and orphaned. I love my little fur Brat, er, Gonzo, and am glad he is here. As I truly believe Nubis led me to People, so I, Mozart, believe he led our little Gonzo to People and me.


27 September 2008

Hi efurbody! It's Me, Gonzo!

Unca Molzart is still under the bed-wait till he sees what People and the peoples have been up to!

We're having anothur "Abenchurs in Remodeling" weekend, and Peeps has ben BIZZY! We gots a freezer (mo' inna mo) and People got some of her people friends over to get the kitchen (finally!) back inna kitchen kinda shape.

They're all takin' a break 'coz it's People's friends' grand-daughter's third birfday. AND, Peeps left the CPU running so I am blogging::)) (Like I don't know how to turn on a monitor, really?)

We live in The Tin Shack on a North Georgia Mountain Side" so it ain't like we gots lottsa room here, but Peeps is pullin' it off!

They tore down the little bedroom wall next to the kitchen, built a wide doorway, left the wall between the former little bedroom and the hallway from the kitchen, so Peeps put the new freezer in the hall where it opens into the kitchen-smart People. Her contractor friend put two really nice (but not perfect or Me Gonzo, and him Molzart would be able to get up there!) shelves across the hallway over the freezer! Now Peeps has the fast food maker (yeah, whatever, Unca Molzart sez it's really called a "Microwave") on the first shelf, and her favorite cookbooks on the top one.

They putted the washing machine and dryer (mmmmm, dryer; last winter I couldn't wait to get big enuff to get up there!) where the little bedroom was, and shelves, and a hooky fing for Peeps to hang her jackets. (Which if Peeps had fur she wouldn't need, but oh well.)

When they come back frum the birfday party they is gonna finish the shelves AND put some shelves in the bafroom!

Now, mo' 'bout the freezer, and akchuly, mo' 'bout my TV preferenceseses.

1st a little background...People gots me, and Unca Molzart, and she gots two kittens, I mean people babies, but they is weaned and on their own.

Meaning Me and Unca Molzart ain't met 'em yet, an' meybe we won't never 'cuz People gots stoooopid kittens, I mean weaned people babies.

These stooopid people babies won't talk to their People, I mean Mom! (It happens, I've hurd, but I woodn't know 'cuz my mom an' me got aparted when the mean peoples threw us Out when I wuz a kitten. I wish I could see her, but I don't really fink that will happen.)

They are mad at her for being married to Crusty. (That's wot they all call People's Ex. I learned wot an Ex is from TV. I don't fink all Ex peoples are bad, but mostly they are. I fink.) And I fink that is really 2 bad, 'cuz hard fings are happening, and they are gonna need their mother.

People babies always need their mother, and I fink meybe that is a good fing. People sez "Hope Floats" and she is planning to be able to help her people babies if they efur show up.

Now, I like TV, a kit can learn lottsa stuff that is impornant if you live in a people's house. I like Sesame Street 'cuz I am learning to read and how nice peoples act.

But, sum of TV is scary, even if, and meybe especially if, it is impornant stuff like wot is happening in Really Far-Off Places called "The Middle East" and "Wall Street", and wot is happening with the Econonominy and who is gonna be Top Cat, I mean President.

Bottom line is (I learned that watching Tim Russert. I miss him. People sez he went to Heaven.) Bottom line is, fings ain't good in hunting places for all kinds of peoples, not just our People, and fings are getting wurs-People looks really worried about getting sumfing stinky-nasty called Gasoline that she puts in her fing called a car that I don't like even if we do get to go places init.

She needs the Gasoline to get to her Hunting Place, where she hunts The Green Papers peoples call Money. The Money is wot she takes to the people food hunting place called The Grocery, and she trades it fur Food.

OK, she takes The Money to lottsa places and trades it fur lottsa fings-my persunal favorite is the Paper Place, 'cuz she gets that stuff that I usta play with in the bafroom until she figgured out I wood not "out-grow" doing, so now she shuts the door when she goes to the Hunting Place.

People and the peoples were talking while they worked on the Tin Shack, and they are gonna get five gallon Gasoline cans. GOOD! If this Gasoline is so impornant, they will need to keep it around, 'cuz CnnMoney sez the shortages are gonna continue, and Me Gonzo persunally finks it will last at least thru the winter.

OK, now People keeps this to herself mostly, but she visits this site about Peak Oil, and the peoples on there have been predicting this Gasoline problem fur a long time.

Those peoples also predict that with Gasoline shortages will come (YIKES) food shortages-if the giant cars called trucks can't get Gasoline, the giant cars called trucks can't bring the food.

So People broke down and traded wot is pretty much her total saved up Green Papers, I mean Money, for a five cubic foot freezer.

And once she showed the neighburs the Peak Oil site, they got together in People's house and decided to form a community.

Nuffink is purrfect, but they have a good start. People sez nuffink is carved in stone, so peoples don't have to feel pressured-she sez "We are NOT going Socialist!" (I gotta find out wot "Socialist" is!)

People is trading Halloween (my furst, I am soooo excited-People sez I am a purrfect Halloween cat 'cuz I am after all a Tuxie-I've been practicing sitting in the kichen window next to the electric pumpkin) costume sewing fur the neighbur kittens, I mean people babies. She is gonna be making all of the people babies winter clothes, too, to trade back fur all the help getting the house finished before fings get bad or cold. (Cold IS bad.)

She is also agreeing to do other fings, like help with fall and winter gardens, running pick-ups at the Medicine place on her way home from the Hunting Place, helping with neighburs "Abenchurs in Remodeling", and other stuff like Neighburhood Watch.

The peoples are all trading wot they have and know wiff each ofur-ain't no peoples gonna sit back and watch another peoples garden or clothesline get robbed, house get broked open and all the Food stolen, babies be cold in the winter, peoples not being able to get Gasoline to go to their Hunting Places, live wiff broken stuff, or be hungry.

Oh yeah, they are catching all the Ferals and getting them to the V.E.T for shots, deworming, and (gasp!) somfing they said is "Selective Sterilization" 'cuz they know ya gotta have sum kittens! They are keeping some of the Ferals that want to be In, and building shelters for the ones who don't wanna be In. The peoples figgur if they take care of the Ferals the Ferals will hang around and keep the rodents off.

People sez during Hard Times rodents can kill off nearly an entire population with Plague. She's right, I saw that on The History Channel. No rodents mean safe water, safe food, no frees, I mean fleas, means no nasty population killing.

People can be scary sumtimes. But she is right. Unca Molzart sez he really doesn't know how he survivied being Out 'cuz he was sick and there4 weak. He wuz sick 'cuz he couldn't get to a V.E.T or live in a safe warm house and eat good healthy food.

I learned about the conection between sumfing called Pofurty and unstable populations on C-Spann, and how if peoples come together in communitites, the efex of Pofurty is lessened. The peoples work together, and they share food, shelter, and other fings called resources (like wot they have and know), and peoples aren't as hungry, or sick, or scared.

It's a start.

I'm tired, and need a nap. Bye!

07 September 2008

People's noise is still ringing in my ears! But the minute I heard her putting away the damn toolboxes I could not wait to get out from under the bed and tell her what ELSE I heard while I was under the bed.

(I do not like tool boxes. Tool boxes are vastly over rated.)

It took until this morning-four long mornings and nights of me and Gonzo going bonkos while standing just over the spot where they had their little nest (People can be a bit thick) but she finally got it and she lured them out from under the house this morning.

Good thing too, because the man peoples are coming next weekend to raise and level the Tin Shack. I heard them saying they would put new and stronger screens in the vents-TO KEEP THE CRITTERS OUT!!


Gonzo and I got to look at them this morning through the window, and I have to say that even I was touched by the cute little kittens, and that now that I know why their mother has been begging at the back door, I can't begrudge her a share of our food. Pretty much. As long as People keeps the canister full.

The best part is that People told one of our neighbours (who is going to take one of the kittens) that as soon as she can get the whole litter and their mom to trust us, she is going to carry the lot to Dr. Dave, who is going to give her a good deal on spaying/neutering (poor Kittens and Mom), stabs, (POOR KITTENS and MOM!) and wormey gack (POOR, POOR KITTENS and MOM!!).

Now, I have known the mom cat for a long time, and she is OK except she fights too good and I had a really hard time running her off back when we were both OUT and hungry, and People was feeding us while taking care of Gator the woofie in his last days.

That mom cat has been hanging around since I came In and People sometimes gives her some of mine and Gonzo's food-HMPH!

People and the neighbours call her Bandit (good reason there, too) and she is always about to have another litter. So I guess it is a good thing Dr. Dave is going to fix her so she doesn't ever have to worry about being able to feed her kittens because she won't be having any anymore.

But, GULP, is People gonna move her in here?! Can't we keep the little tortise shell one?? Can't we find Bandit another In place??


30 August 2008

Oh joy. People has the next three days off, and she is already getting out the tool boxes to continue her goal of winterizing.

Swell. I'll be under the bed until Tuesday.

24 August 2008

People got an attitude adjustment. We think.

Her hunting place is improving and she is happier, but she is not very good about coming online, and we have been working on her for days and weeks. 'coz we need to blog, ya know!

She also needs to drop off that roll of film, hmmmm, will she? She has been very frugal and has been keeping busy clearing out the clutter instead of doing more important things like shopping for Gonzo and Mozart prezzies!

Lately People has been talking about something called Fung Schway which she also calls Hong Kong Fooey. So I got Gonzo to Google it (why should I when Gonzo gets such a kick out of it and is truthfully much better with search engines than me or even People, who has boolean search down to a science!).

Holy Moly! People has been moving things (we like the new arrangements, it 'feels' better, so maybe this Hong Kong Fooey stuff isn't so fooey after all) and cleaning things and sprucing things and meditating in between.

Now, as Cats, we certainly understand meditation, and have spent many pleasurable afternoons meditating with People. We have even learned that she doesn't so much fall asleep as she goes very, very deep. Which means we should not attempt to get her back on track by sticking our whiskery faces under her nose to make sure she is still breathing because People still thinks it acceptable to give Kitty Flying Lessons when her, ah, concentration is broken...

The only prezzie she has got me, er, us, in the past few months is a box that the new microwave came out of. Hmph.

Gonzo has lost his fascination for CNBC and is now into HGTV as he tries to understand why People locks us in the bedroom when she is doing winterizing (a new term learned from HGTV). It has helped too that she showed us something from another cat blog about some kittens who got into spray foam insulation-People doesn't need to lock me up, when I see her pulling out the tool boxes I go straight to the bedroom and get under the bed!

Gonzo however is the fiercest older kitten I have ever known, and I wonder at it because I was Out much longer than he was, but he will fight-really fight-over a scrap of anything, food, toy, dust bunny...so he just HAS to get into everything to see if he would be able to play with it or eat it or both.

He will be one years old on 5 November, I will be THREE-hehe, the vets read my chip wrong, HAHAHAHAHA-in January! Interesting what 1 little number being misread will bring up:)

Also, I have been declassified as both terminally ill and a Maine Coon-WOOHOO!! Well, happy-happy-joy-joy on the not gonna die next week thing anyway, I rather enjoyed being a Maine Coon Cat if only for a short while.

Turns out I am just a huge Ginger-ordinary-regular-nothing special ('cept to People and my friends) Cat. And I am huge, pushing twenty solid packed pounds, me:) No fat on me, Kats, just 18 pounds of big healthy Cat-Yea for me and for People who didn't like the new vet so she is now the old vet and I have a great new vet who thinks I am pretty special 'coz I managed to get myself through being abandoned TWICE, and living through the trials of being Out for nearly two years on my own.

I was born in a people's house, dumped at the shelter, neutered, adopted then taken back to the shelter then adopted AGAIN and then abandoned in the middle of winter by People's neighbour.

Then I picked People, and I have been safe since April 1st 2007. But I am a little weird because of everything, and only People and peoples like her could make me feel safe-I've got some strange habits. Like I didn't know what water was if it was in a clean bowl and not in a mud puddle or thrown out cup, and I'm just not really big on being held (oh, Gonzo loves being held-go figure!), and when People gives us meat scraps Gonzo will go all feral acting (the faker, how long was he Out, a whole week maybe??) and he'll steal mine, which doesn't bother me at all. BUT let him get near my sourdough bread crust and I will tear him from one end of the tin shack to the other!

So People figures I must have been eating out of the trash bin alot, and since bread was mostly what ends up in that bin (People looked, she wanted to see what I would have been getting back in the day), she feels I must have a bread thing as my particular 'comfort food'. Suits me, keep it coming, People! She did buy a damn stainless steel breadbox to keep me out of the bread. Dammit.

Regarding the heart thing, the new-new vet (who has his head screwed on very straight since he says I do not have to take that stoopid medicine for now) says I am fine and he thinks the reason everyone thought I had heart problems was because I was so scrawny when People took me in and it did kinda make me sick, and when they looked at me they could tell I was underweight for my bone size and my coat was in such bad shape that it stuck out...well, it all combined to confuse two vets, but I am fine now, and that is what counts.

OK, People and Dr. Dave are gonna keep a watch on me 'coz I did have those problems, but Dr. Dave says I should be fine and we all just have to pay attention, which is not a problem in my mind as long as I don't have to have that stoopid medicine gunk!

Gonzo would blog a bit but he is helping People wash the curtains-he is taking them down for her, lol, and she is putting them in the washer because they were a little dusty. I know he knows what he is doing because he only jumps up and get the tension rods to drop when the washing machine thingie stops.

That Gonzo! Two Thursday (we have been learning the calendar while People tries to figure out what was happening to me while I was Out) nights ago he found a great big scorpion in the bathtub! People almost fainted because little Gonzo (he is bigger now, but only weighs 'bout eight or nine pounds, so to me and compared to me, he is still 'little') would NOT get outta there and was trying very hard to get himself a whopping does of scorpion venom, but People grabbed him out, slammed the bathroom door and pounded that damn scorpion into the bathtub floor-eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww, she had to throw several Clorox wipe over the mess, pull on three pairs of disposable gloves AND wrap her hands in several plastic bags before she could bring herself to get it up, very nasty and acrid (I love learning new words) pulp mess, yuck.

Well, that is the latest on our Adventures, hope People will let us catch up on yours!

13 June 2008


People gets poor little Gonzo all excited about his chance to perhaps display Picasso like artistic talent (and me a bit enthusiastic about watching the little brat get up to his gonzo antics:) and then she locks him in the bedroom!

Poor Gonzo! He didn't get a paw near any paint this past weekend, and People is puttering around pleased as I've ever seen her about the private little Adventures In Remodeling she enjoyed sans Gonzo's assistance.

In part, she tells disappointed young Gonzo, he brought it on himself when he tried to help her apply foam insulation Friday evening.

In part she got the idea from one of the comments.

And yes, I, Mozart was also banished right along with Mr. Curiosity.


I gave up painting the last time. But Gonzo really enjoyed it. He spent a lot of time letting the paint dry on his paw while watching the marks he made on the floor dry.

Being the strange little fellow that he is, he did not mind at all when People washed his paw in the kitchen sink, oh hell no, he jumped up and got in the sink as soon as People left for Hunting. He is trying to turn the water on, and if People gets the new tap she is admiring on the Lowes site, he will have the water on all day while she is Out...the knobs so far have defeated Gonzo, but the lever will be (pardon not the pun:) will be a push-over for him, LOL! (And you thought Gonzo was the only hip one around here!)

Now, our little Gonzo knows how to pull the TV Remote out of the basket People keeps it in so she doesn't sit on it and drain the magical power source she calls batteries.

Grand Master Gonzo knows how to turn on the TV because through experimenting he has determined the location of The On Button!

And, (drum roll...wait for it...) he knows which is The Scroll Button!

So he knows that if he pulls the Remote out of the basket and nudges it to the same spot on the sofa and steps on The On Button and then steps on and off The Scroll Button, he can finally arrive at CNBC.

I ask you, what can he find so interesting on CNBC? Not to denigrate the channel, but People doesn't watch it, why does he??

Because there is more to our young Gonzo than txt tlk & painting. Hmmm

04 June 2008


People needs an attitude adjustment, she really does! How long has it been since our last post, I ask you, how long??

Very Nearly Two Months!

Really People, you could have snuck us into the library!

Well, maybe not Gonzo, who is living up to his name in myriad ways, but I, Mozart, am fully a gentleman, really I am! I certainly know how to behave in a library!

(Wot's a library? Unca Molzart is in the litter box, so Me, Gonzo, haza chance 2 blog. NUTS, HERE HE COMES!!)

Hmph! Gonzo should know better...where was I?

Ah yes, a diatribe against People, who has been a great trial to two young cats these past few months!

Well, let me tell you that she has her good days (during which she understands and accepts her 24/7 duty to shower me especially with lavish displays of her devotion to me, er, us) and her bad days (during which for a telling example, she refuses to top off our food bowls, telling us to finish the food already there-two hours old, eeew!)

She is patiently hunting a new hunting place, but I think she really hopes her current hunting place will turn around.

(I don't know, maybe a fresh stock of mice and birdies...ooooo, fluttery things! Yes, fluttery things that magically become green papers she uses to trade for our kibble and toys, yes, that would be my thoughts on turning her hunting place happy again!)

OH ALRIGHT GONZO! Hmph! I reluctantly turn the keyboard over to The Brat-

FINALLY! I thought ol' Unca Molzart would never shut-up, lol!

Me, Gonzo is 7 munths old now, so I am learning to txt-tlk, hehe*G*! Peepole downloaded a hol artacul on txting 4 me so I culd practice. Me Gonzo haznt got enuff practice, but I am trying!

Unca Molzart 'n Peepole 'n me r having "Advenchures in Remodeling", I got 2 paint with a pretty green paint but then Peepole covered up my work, which I got insulted by-HEY Peepole, it wuzn't poop, ya no!

This wknd Peepole is gonna let me paint wif something called lowvoc hi glos white in all the kitchen cabinets! Well, she dozent no yet that she is gonna let me, but I'm gonna.

& the men peepoles r coming over to levul the house, 2, so we r gonna learn lotsa new words-Unca Molzart sez the last time the men peepoles were here he learned lotsa new words...

Well, we're gonna go vizit some other cat blogs, and say "Hullo!" to some of the cats we've been missing!

Os & Xs from Me, Gonzo!

Oh, what a happy half grown kitten he is! People will have to be more strict with him. Sigh.

We are very happy to be back in the 'sphere! Don't forget to play the fish game before you go:)

12 April 2008

To the friends of Gonzo and Mozart, a message from the boys:

"People is being very froogle and 'Netting from the library, Gonzo is unhappy because the magic stick doesn't work to turn on the TV anymore, which is because People had the service suspended for a month or two while she gets things at her hunting place straight.

We don't like it, but there it is.

Thank-you to everyone who has stopped in and checked on us-we are OK, just
reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllly bored with nothing to do at home now while People is at the hunting place. People's eyeballs leaked about all the purrayers. OK, ours did, too, thanks, Kats!

On the plus side, we are having lots of home remodeling adventures! We will make People post some pictures, you won't believe what our little Picaso can do with his paws and high gloss white paint. I think my work with the satin Granny Smith green paint is rather nice too.

We both are grateful to People that she photographed our rather splendid work before, HUMPH, "fixing" it.

Well, People said she had to do something called post resumes in addition our update and that she would only have an hour, so we made this short enough to keep her from losing her computer time before sending off those resume thingies.

Don't worry, Bast willing (and People's God guy willing, too), we'll be back soon.

Mozart and Gonzo"

From People:

Mozart is a rat, but it is true that I did become watery eyed, thank-you all for being so great to us.


23 March 2008

Happy Easter to everyone, I hope your peoples got the Easter Bunny to leave you great baskets!

People got the EB to leave us some nice treats and new toys, we are very happy to have had the unexpected treats-I'll post the pictures as soon as People gets the CVS guy to do the films.

Gonzo is very nearly back to himself and is running me ragged. Thank-Nubis and Bast!

People is trying to find a new hunting place but I think she is going to have a hard time. Gonzo has figured out how to turn on the TV (and switch the channels around) while People is at her hunting place and for some reason the brat likes to watch the financial news channels!

So day in day out lately I've had to listen to scared, angry, and lying (as you all know, cats can tell when peoples are lying) peoples talk about this thing called the recession.

I have complete faith in People as does Gonzo, but this thing they call money is a concern to People, and she is trying to cut back where she can.

She promises the 'Net will be the last to go, and Gonzo was relieved because that means he'll be able to watch CNBC; she isn't going to cut back on our food, but she says we'll have to make our Easter prezzies last...

Purrs going out to all cats whose peoples are facing similar.

12 March 2008

Gonzo had gone and got himself an URI, and we've had quite the time of it the last week and a half.

Right now the brat is ensconced on People's lap, wrapped in a Snugli, and when he wakes up, looks quite pleased with his own self.


I've endured much in my short life, but the pampering that little furball is getting is really nearly too much.

First of all, we had to endure another nasty ride in the damn cat carriers to the V.E.T., and I for one would like to know why I, Mozart had to go along!

I would also like to know I have to be stabbed over and again, while the brat lay listlessly in the arms of all three of the damn V.E.T. techs being cooed over while I, Mozart was the suffering one.

(Well, and People, who said we were all going to end up living in the car if we didn't stop having Abandonded Kitty Health Issues-where would she put the cat box?)

AAAAACK! If I hear one more people fall all over themselves in the race to hold the "Poor Baby!" I think I will have to bite or scratch someone.

Thankfully, People knows cats, and she made it clear to me that I, Mozart, am The Cat; really, she is quite fair in her snuggle giving. And OK, when either People or myself hears poor little Gonzo sneeze, cough, or mewl in that weak voice he's had the last week or so, well, don't we both go running to check him? Which leads me to another...


By the time Gonzo is all better (and really, although he looked awful-felt awful and scared People and me silly, he is going to be fine. Brat is getting better every single day, thank Nubis and Bast, and OK, People's God guy), he is going to be SPOILED!!

And truth be told, Gonzo was getting pretty spoiled before he got the stupid cold. Wait, don't believe me? Lemme find that picture of the little model-HE POSES!


See what I mean? But wait, there is more-that brat is mighty proud of his baby blues!

OH! Gotta go, Brat is awake, and tottering toward the food bowl. I have to make sure he eats all his special food for sick little brat kittens. And then I will make sure People gives him his special juice for sick little brat kittens-my personal favorite part, 'cuz People takes this longgggggggg plastic tube, and wraps Brat in an extra thick towel, and puts on what she calls "Hawk Gloves" (People knows some scary birdeys that I, Mozart hope never to see again!) and then she....

01 March 2008

People is in a reeeeeeeeally bad mood right now. Somebody named Blondie turned in her resignation (wot's a resignation?) after taking People's favorite hunting, I mean work, function three weeks ago, and going to the training People was supposed to go to until Blondie took her hunt, I mean work, away. People is maddest because this Blondie told lies that People wasn't doing the work right, but all of the vendors (wot's a vendor?) People worked with called the bigger boss and told them they needed People instead of Blondie because Blondie is an idiot who can't even send a fax right (wot's a fax?).

People should have clawed Blondie's eyeballs out. Cats know how to deal with problems.

Now People is going to come back behind the loop on the new system, and she is not happy.

People says last week peoples she works with were avoiding her in the halls, but Friday after this Blondie gave her notice all of a sudden the peoples talked to her.

People says she took names during the freeze-out, but that she is not a vindictive People. But People says now she knows who believes lies instead of the hard hunting, I mean work, People had been doing for two years!

Peepole sez HMPH!! (Gonzo sez it's not fair that Unca Molzart sez this is all I get to type today. HUMPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

Gonzo and I say People really can be too nice. She shudda clawed Blondie's eyeball out, or at least notched her ear.

Cats know things. I, Mozart know that I personally do not like this Blondie because she is People's boss, and she made People stop working any overtime, so we don't get any dangly things, or fluttery things very often any more. Maybe I Mozart should claw, never mind.

Cats know things. Like how to deal with interlopers (that are not cute little stubby tailed kittens a week before Christmas, I think that is a rule.), and how to look good in pictures:) Yup, People finally figured out how to focus and how to use the red-eye. Now all we have to do is teach her how to frame shots better.


09 February 2008

Mozart and Gonzo have graciously permitted me to borrow their blogspot tonight to let you all know that they are fine, the long space in posting has been my fault. My job has been especially difficult the past couple of months and I come from work ready to collapse. If I've any energy to use the computer, it is all work, work, work, except for the rare 'grr' moment on my blog to vent.

The boys seem to understand that all the computer time has been reserved for the work related situation, although Gonzo is such an enthusiast he tries to type with me no matter what page I'm on:)

Tonight is especially difficult for me as it is one year practically to the minute that Gator passed (2111 ET). I miss him terribly, and I am so glad Mozart and Gonzo have chosen to share their lives with me-it helps a lot. Sometimes, like tonight, I'm afraid I'm not the best company, but they still love me.

Thank-you all for being such great friends to the boys. I promise to be better about letting them update their blog from now on.

Gator, 24th May 1994 to 8th February 2007. I do miss you, old man.

06 January 2008

**KOOL STUFF ALERT-Shark Break mini-widget at bottom of this post (Thank-you Top Cats!) Play, it is the ultimate Cat game!**

I, Mozart do not think it is a very good Happy Birthday to have to go to the V.E.T.

I, Mozart, made sure People and the new V.E.T. person knew I was not happy.

I, Mozart, however, did not leave bitey or scratchy marks on any of the peoples. But I did try to break their eardrums!


Gonzo, on the other hand, was very calm, and well behaved, and then, after his weighing, exam, blood letting, and sticks with the jabby things, crawled back into the damn cat carrier and fell asleep. He even sleeped right through all of my blood curdling howls. Whatta goober!

What happened is this...

My old V.E.T. said we should go to a new V.E.T. who has more experience with my cardio thing. He (traitor) also said I should get my annuals since it is gonna be my birthday in a few weeks.

Plus my Christmas present, Gonzo, should be seen.

So yesterday People put our special pink blanket into a damn cat carrier (we now have three-1 Gonzo totally trashed the first few days, so I think People should cart it to the Outside cat buffet she calls the dumpster, and the two new ones she got to replace the one Gonzo trashed.).

I knew something was up, but couldn't resist following stooopid Gonzo when he went to investigate, and the next thing we knew, we were strapped into the car, and were driving away from HOME!

I told the little goober we were probably going to the V.E.T. and we both got really quiet.

Then we got to the new V.E.T. place. Then we got into the 'xam room. THEN People unzipped the cat carrier door, and they took Gonzo and they weighed him, and they jabbed him and sucked some blood out of him, and oh horrors, they stuck that awful hooky swabby thing in his...I can't go on.

He was very good-they kept telling him that. They got done, and put him back on the table and he crawled back into the damn cat carrier (which was looking very good to me, and I was trying to get in there too, BUT) then THEY GRABBED ME



It was awful!

Poor Mozart.

Oh the indignity of it all!

And all this happened BEFORE we meeted the new V.E.T.!

Who was pretty nice, and told People that Gonzo is so tiny because he was probably a little younger than six weeks old when he showed up on the 19th of December 2007, so he is just now eight weeks-she said that because he weighs two pound exactly. All his test they could do at his young age came back negative, but because he is a In from the Out kitten, we will have to watch out for him.

She said she thinks Gonzo was probably born missing his tail because although she can't tell for sure, it doesn't look like a traumatic amputation, probably born in the woods since he was wandering around at so young an age, and is really smart to have found People.

People felt terrible and said if she'd realised how young Gonzo was she would have brought us to the V.E.T. sooner, so Gonzo could get some extra boost from milk replacement, or something.

The V.E.T. said Gonzo is fine, and since he is doing really well, milk replacement probably isn't something he needs. (Darn I think that would have been a nice treat for me, too!)

She said she didn't hear anything from my heart or lungs, so I am probably doing nicely, 'specially since all my tests were negative except (oh how embarassing) I have worms, and she doesn't want to let those take hold 'coz of my stoopid cardio thing.

People almost fainted! The new V.E.T. asked if I went Out-HAHAHAHAHA-doesn't she know In Is Better??!! Then she said, well, has he caught any mice?

Well, I don't like to brag, but before Thanksgiving I did catch a really stooooopid field mouse who thought he should move into Mozart's house before winter. I tried to give it to People, but she THREW IT IN THE TRASH!!

So, when she went Hunting the next day, I got it out, and ate all of it except the head.

Which I couldn't get back into the trash bin, so People found it and freaked out and now she takes the trash Out every single morning. Hmmph!

People told the new V.E.T. about it, and that's probably where I got the worms, from fleas on the mousey.

I don't like mousey anymore. Besides, when People saw my catch she freaked out, and went all over the house, and all around the Outside, and sealed all the mousey-get-in places.

The V.E.T. told People these things happen, and said she was gonna give us Revolution, so we could be safer from fleas, and then she said, "OK, let's give Mozart a deworming, and she



yellow stuff

down my throat,



I have to go back in three weeks to make sure all the worms are gone

AND for more tests!


But Gonzo gets some more, too. Sheesh, Gonzo will probably still be in the damn cat carrier-he likes it, the goober!

But finally we wented home, and People pulled the special pink blanket out of the carrier, and here is pictures of me on it so you can see why it is so hard to resist-GOT TO LOVE MICRO-FIBER! (Poor People, this was her 2007-2008 winter house robe until I, Mozart, claimed it!)

04 January 2008

OK, TA DA! (We hope:) People got the CD from CVS. She installed the free photo editor (People likes that it is user friendly, and free, and fun, and free, and not bad @ $2.99 for the CD and the free software. Hang on Kitties, she may just try real photo editing software-but first she's gotta get a little better with the camera...The pictures are not perfect. But, look for the reddish blob-that will be I, Mozart! Look for the black and white mini-blob. That will be Him, Gonzo...

I, Mozart, am a big cat, yes?

Gonzo has doubled in size from when these pictures were taken. He is still Mini-Gonzo:)

Way to go, People! Now, um, learn to focus a bit better, and frame the shots better, and USE THE RED-EYE feature of yer fancy new camera, huh?!

Another shout-out to CVS fer givin' Peeps the free software so's she could fix his eyesballs, but honest, Unca Molzart's eyesballs ain't so weird looking in real life, LOL, luv, GONZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GONZO, quit that!

02 January 2008


People took a nap after dinner last night so she could be awake at Midnight. Gonzo and I played 'climb on and jump off the People mound' and People was so tired she didn't wake up until nearly ten-thirty!

So, she staggers around the house for a while getting things ready, almost falls back to sleep, then at midnight goes Outside-JUST WHEN I, MOZART, NEED HER THE MOST!

All the crashy-boomies!

Oh the noise!

The loud, crashy, boomy, NOISE!! It was terrible, and so was the crinkly sound that happened right after the boomy noise!

I tried to keep People from going Out there-In Is Better, People!

But she said everything was "OK, Mozart, honest, it's just New Year! Remember, kind of like Fourth of July!"

Hmph. People has a VERRRRRY short memory-I, Mozart did not like Fourth of July either!

When she came back in I was careful to ignore her for an hour, and I was very glad that I am an American cat so I did not have to remember her on Boxing Day since she is not very good Staff if she goes Out when I need her. Hmph!

Gonzo and I are doing well, other than our New Year Noise upset. GONZO! QUIT THAT! YOU'VE LOCKED THE KEYS ON

MY TURN MY TURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OOOOOO, I like that if I paw 1 key and hold it makes the same pictchur for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

Wait, wait, Unca Molzart! Where ya goin? OK, ok, u kin hav the thingy bac.WAITWAITWAITWAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMgsh that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OK< OK< Gonzo is done.

Finally! Drat that kitten! I think I'll go give him bath...