28 February 2012

Dear Mum and Dad,

Well, as you know, I have been having some adventures. Going to see the V.E.T. was not nice especially when the V.E.T. stabbed me twice in the neck, and then put a cold stick up my backsides! But it was over quick and I was with Him the entire time. We walked to the V.E.T., Him carried me in my cat jail and there were a couple of times the cars seemed to come very close! I did not like that, that part of my adventure was not nice either.

But I did enjoy walking in the cat jail with Him when we were on the quiet lanes. I was able to see out and smelled lots of interesting smells.

I am feeling much better now so I suppose the stabs and that stick (OH MY!!) was worth it.

I am also becoming rather good at slipping out the back porch door, lol! I understand now that if Him goes out with the rucksack on his back, He will eventually be coming back in with a full rucksack and at least two grocery bags in each hand. So I go into the loo and hide on the cistern lid-when I hear Him coming up the back walk I cleverly reach up and open the kitchen door so I can slip out the back door as He comes in loaded down with His sacks. I don't get very far because He (and Her) drop everything and run after me. It is a good game:)

But Mum and Dad, here is the thing. Her says She can go out by Herself because She has something called opposable thumbs, and I can't go out alone because I do not have these opposable thumbs thingys.

So when I come home, I want opposable thumbs, whatever those are!

Love always, your lad,


OH PS: here is a picture of me in my favourite spot:

Ahhhhhhoooouuummmm, roasty-toasty!