31 August 2009

Frum the itteh bitteh doomer kitteh commiteh:

"PREPS, we haz 'em!"

People is on her holiday.

huh? Wot's holiday without Christmas trees for Gonzita to knock over?? OH! Right. I knew that. We are so used to the funny way People talks we forget she was raised talking funny and calling things funny thing. Like holiday, for vacation.

OK, back to PREPS. I, Mozart, very much like this PREPS thing. So much so that I hereby declare that PREPS shall always be fully capitalized in order to make clear the deep importance of PREPS.

People also very much likes LOLKats on www.Icanhazcheeseburger.com so we honor her by using the funny little kitty joke above.

You need to understand that while Gonzo is a rather tiny, itteh-bitteh kitteh, I, Mozart am a very large and healthy BIG cat Do. Not. Mess. With. Me. I am a Doomer Kat, or did you miss my bio in the early pages of this blog?

And after People's latest hunting trip, Gonzzie and I are very well PREPPED Doomers Kats.

As you also know from the earliest days of this blog, we have always been Doomer Kats, and have always been the proud feline possessors of well-stocked BOBs (bug-out bags to you noobs here). Once a month or so People checks the bags to make sure she can grab and go. We have her well trained, doncha think?

But today we hit the motherlode!! People keeps our kibble in one of those see-in boxes, she swears it's food-grade, whatever. We used to have a small one, it only held a couple of people weeks worth of kibble-not good in our opinion.

Chesire cat smiles, guess what People brought in today? Nah, you'll never guess. I'll just tell ya.


PREPS. We definitely haz 'em:):):):):):):):):):):)

25 July 2009


People is going to make us crazy! She just finished writing up her plans for more Adventures in Remodeling!

We thought she was done!

Oh hardly.


Now that things at her Hunting Place have somewhat settled down she is feeling more confident and has just signed off the mortgage on The Tin Shack. Good, we thought, Gonzie and I, Mozart, finally some peace and quiet.

Honestly, we thought she would content herself with her newest enthusiasim-SFG (SquareFootGardening). The catnip is very nice when it is fresh:)

But no, the next Big thing to happen is stranger peoples are coming to level the house so we will be shuttled off to Dr. Dave's for two whole days the first week of September.

And before that she will be finishing off some work in the bathroom by pulling out those horrid power tools to tear holes in the bath room to create some more storage space. The tool bag is out, the crazy female people is gonna do it in a couple of hours! Hiding under the bed is not an option as the bath room and bedroom are practically in the same room.


Really, it is not fair. When she is finished we will be loony Kats. If she ever finishes. Gonzo is so upset she stopped being Monorail Cat and got on the couch with me where the AC hits right on her tiny little girl self, which she hates, but she is wroth with People so she got off the nice warm monitor.

Dammit, why can't People just do her SFG thing and let us live our lives??

I read her list-it is Big.

It is Noisy (people things are almost always noisy, why is that?).

It is Expensive (great, shorted on prezzies again), and will take her the next two years at the rate she gets things done by insisting on paying cash. Hey, we've only just barely got the Innerwebs and cable back!

We think she should win this lottery thing-Gonzo is working very hard at trying to figure out some good numbers that would win enough to cover the complete reno while we take a nice week at the spa, er, Dr. Dave's.

Yeah, win the lottery and Get 'Er Done, People!

15 March 2009

Mozart here, just wanted to let everyone know we'll be offline for a while. People is on another frugal kick, so she's shutting down the 'Net, cable, and (yeah, right) says she quitting smoking.

Works for me if she does, she smokes Outside and we don't like her to be here but not here. Gonzita and I aren't buying it though. We'll see.

Hehe, Gonzita! She hates it, the little furball brat, Gooooooooooooonnnnnnnzzzzzita!

Hehe, haha, lol, roflol, I guess we're even now on the Unca Molzart thing, muwahahaha!

People's washing machine is dying, and she wants to pay cash for a new one, plus she wants to do some more renovations on The Tin Shack, and she says now she is celery at her hunting place she doesn't get extra green papers for the many, many hours she puts it there. Dammitt, 'cause I was pretty well hooked on HBOF and Animal Planet.

But Gonzita is gonna hurt the most, she's hooked on some guy named Howard, or Clark, or something like that, maybe both, is it Howard Clark, or Clark Howard? Well anyway, she says he makes really good sense and is easier on the eye and ear than that Sooz Ormand or whatever person.

Poor Gonzita, poor People, poor peoples-People says this crunch is becoming viselike. We're OK, ok, we're giving up the frills, but the kibble is still premium, and the house was warm when we woke up, so it's all good.

Gonzita and I have each other, and we are asking Anubis to keep an eye out for People's son, hoping that Anubis will lead Fox home. Hey, Anubis is the protecter of ALL orphans and lost beings, two or four leg, right?

Well, take care of yerselves, efurbody, we'll miss ya!

08 February 2009

People has been soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy! But we forgive her, and today we are being extra careful to give her lots of attention because today is the second anniversery of Gator going to the Bridge.

Unca Molzart sez he doesn't really know much about Gator 'cept he was this ginormus old dog who died in the food 'damination thing (when Unca Molzart told me about that it put me off kibble for a while, lemme tell ya!).

Unca Molzart sez now that I am a year old Cat I have to stop using t'xt talk-pooey on you, Unca Molzart, not gonna happen! P'ff, he is trying to make me into some kinda little stuffed Lady, but I am still Gonzo, fer sure, OK, and I'm not inna big fat hairy hurry to 'grow-up' if it means sounding like a school teacher!

It's been soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold here, really!

People better get the central heat and air in or else we aren't gonna make it through another winter-Gonzo HATES cold! Still, Unca Molzart and People both say we shouldn't complain. So far (if I say it will I jinx us??) we have electric, so the heaters and the TV are on. People was really worried about the people that were hit the last couple of weeks by an ice storm (ICE STORM?? OMGsh!)up in Kentucky and Missouri. She kept saying that could happen to us-WOT??!!

So far People still has a Hunting Place, and the quality of our kibble has not declined, nor has our kitty litter. People had to go down a notch on the kibble she gives to the ferals and the abandoned cats, though.

Yuppers, two new cats have shown up, and they aren't ferals. Most of the neighbors have moved and they left their cats, their dogs-I'm like totally surprized they didn't leave their people kittens! I know peoples cn be pinheads, but wow, to just fling their fur babies out, man that's just wrong!

Dr. Dave is trying to help People find homes for the two that aren't feral, but they've already found homes for so many, and they are running out of nice peoples who can give furever homes. Plus the two Newbies are so freaked out that they won't let People catch them, heck the ferals were easier to catch!

At least the ferals have all had their shots 'n stuff, but one of the ferals is pregnant somehow (man, People is mad, 'cuz that one's ear is notched, and Dr Dave is scratching his head over that!) so People is trying to catch her (again!) to get her back to Dr Dave.

Speaking of Dr. Dave, purrrrrrrrrrrrr! He sez I'm too small to undergo 'sneezia so I would be spayed any time soon. Whew! Unca Molzart can barely remember his operation but he sez it was horrible and that it is worse for girl cats, so I just sooooooo am not in any big fat hairy hurry for that to happen!

Well, that's about it fur 'round here. Hope you are all staying warm, have lotz of good stuff to eat, and that yer peoples are OK at their Hunting Places so they can bring you good prezzies!

Me personally am hoping for a nice Spring so that People and her freinds can get the duck work done and the central hear & air installed. Man, now that will be D'Luxe!

PS-Wots duck work? Am I gonna have to share kibble and snuggles with a duck? Like that one on the TV that squacks "Aflack" all the time?? (Personally, I dunno wot that stupid duck sees in Ben Aflak anyways!)

PSS-Unca Molzart sez "Hey!"