09 January 2011


Things did not work out for Mozart and Gonzo in south Alabama, and they have been rehomed at a forever home back in North Georgia.

Relations between Fox and me continue joyfully, however.

This will sadly be the last post on their blog. Fox and I will miss Mozart and Gonzo VERY much but their best interests are better served in a home with a people who is home all the time (Fox's schedule has him at the restaurant over 12 hours a day), a home with warmth and love.

Thank-you all who followed the adventures of two cats who were determined to find a forever home, two cats who went through some heartrending situations as they made their way into my life, Fox's, and now their new home. They've been with their new people for a couple of months and it is working out beautifully for them.

They will not be posting from their new home, though, so I wanted to let everyone know what has happened.