12 August 2007

She took me, I shredded the tunnels-she is not happy that she had to pay for the one I shredded. I did not get a tunnel. I did not get a screen room. She did not get a camera because they don't sell camera things at the pet store-'scuse me? What else is a camera thing for?

My people did get me a fluttery thing on a stick. I liiiiiiiiiiike fluttery things!

OK, I am trying to participate in the latest dare issued by The Cat Realm-make a 'not of my species special friend' which ought to be a neat trick since my people can't figure out how to buy a camera thing so she can put my picture up, and the picture of my NOMSS even if the NOMSS I am trying to make says yes!

I'm still doing it.

I was gonna ask this Boxer, but someone already asked her, and LUCKILY (thank-you Nubis!) that way cool squirrel dog over at http://ivypaws.blogspot.com hasn't been asked yet, so I asked her.

And I think my people is gonna get a dog to move in with us. Maybe. She's really thinking about it. So if Ivy says yes, and my people finds us a f2f woofer who says yes, I'll have two! Two NOMSS friends, one in the 'Net, and one in the house.

IN IS BETTER! I think that is my new motto:)

Is it hot there? It sure is here! We have air conditioning, and we live in the Piedmont region right at the foot of the mountains, so it's a little cooler than down nearer Hotlanta, but it still so hot that People didn't do much but take ice and water to the man peoples digging up the front lawn to find the water leak. They think they got it, but I don't think so, 'coz the kitchen sink cold water is not falling out of the water faller very fast, but the hot is.


My people says this is adventures in remodeling.

I, Mozart have grreat adventures! (mostly because my people had already cleaned out my bathroom, and my JUST FOR ME bowls, and her hands, and some clothes-it would not have been a grrreat adventure otherwise!) I got to watch the man peoples do all kinds of interesting things, and I learned that peoples put more than four-legs who've gone to the Bridge in the ground-they put tubes that bring water to the water faller, too!

I learned that man peoples know lots of interesting words, too, but I am still a young cat and needn't know of such things.


04 August 2007

WOOHOO! My People stayed home today! But silly People, why take a day off from hunting if all yer gonna do is sleep!

Get up, People! We gatta find a camera to take my picture! We gotta go to PetsMart to buy me toys!

My people caught me looking at CWB and DWB a coupla days ago-BUSTED-BUT!! She says she's gonna get me toys, and TAKE ME WITH HER! OK, in the damn cat carrier, but hey, an outing that doesn't include the V.E.T., and does include toys makes the cat carrier a worthy sacrifice for I, Mozart to make.