25 December 2011

I think I will let the pictures of my Scottish Holiday Christmas Eve speak for themselves, and bid you all a very Happy Christmas, and a prosperous New Year from Roo, the Devon Kat wot misses his Mum and Dad but is enjoying his Scottish Holiday!

04 December 2011

Hi, it's People here (Mozart's People), with some sad news. Roo's Mum has lost her mother today. She had recently been diagnosed with a serious illness and this morning it claimed her as she slept.

They are a large and close-knit family so Roo's Mum and Dad aren't alone. My prayers are with them.

26 November 2011

Hooboy, some Fanksgiving. Hmph.

I've been reading Mozart's blog, ya see, and I have been reading other blogs on the InnerWebs, and so I was ready for Thanksgiving, wozn't I?! I figured what with Her being American and all...I've heard about Turkey And All The Trimmings, see, and I woz REALLY looking forward to it.

(Dear Mum and Dad, these Persons are as boring as it gets. Trust me.)

Maybe Him being Scottish cancels out Her being American? I dunno, Her talks a little funny but not that funny-she ALMOST sounds like the Persons sound where I'm from. Him sounds ALMOST like me Dad, so I know Him really is Scottish. But after what happened this Fanksgiving I mean Thanksgiving Day, I'm not entirely sure Her really is American, know what I mean?

Big woo-tee, Her spent all day out hunting (wait for it...) welly boots. With neo-preen lining, whatever that is. How many ways are there to preen, I'd like to know. Then Her gets home with the welly boots and I smelled 'em, and ya know, it's not neo-preened at all, it's some kinda rubber thingy sprayed inside the welly boots called "neoprene" and YOU CAN'T EAT IT!!!!

S'all good, I figured, "Now Her is gonna spend the rest of the afternoon putting the Turkey With All The Trimmings in the hot box and we are gonna eat like kings.


Her went into the workroom and started sewing Him another pair of pyjamas while watching some parade thingy on the laptop-SO I COULDN'T EVEN BLOG!

(But Him did light a fire in the workroom wood stove so I could lie in front of it...)

FINALLY Her went into the kitchen and...opened some tins. WOT?!

Him came in with a hot chicken from ASDA.

They ate the potatoes and the broccoli (yeah, they eat broccoli. Yech) and the chicken.

Hmph, even if I did get a nice portion of the chicken (which was pretty good really, I'm glad ASDA spent her day in the kitchen or we woulda starved), it WAS NOT TURKEY WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS and I personally think it should have been. Her said Her is gonna plan a REAL Thanksgiving dinner for next year. I'll be back with Mum and Dad and I wouldn't give that up even for the chance to have a real American Thanksgiving Dinner, so Her better pull out all the stops for Christmas!!!!!!!!

(PS Mum and Dad, ASDA can't bake a pie to save her life. Her said that was the worst apple pie Her ever had. I dunno, the ice cream was tasty, but yeah, the pie wasn't any where near all that. I helped wash up, so I got some and I think Her is right about ASDA not baking very good pies-luckily there was mostly ice cream to wash up but I washed up a little pie mixed in...)

After dinner They watched telly. Her does this thing called Crochet. Naturally it fascinates me, being as it something done with string and so I watched:

Very relaxing, this Crochet thingy. I helped by holding down the Crochet so it wouldn't escape:

Well, it's Windy and Cold. I'm glad I didn't have The Horrible practice today. I'm getting used to it, but I still don't like the way it feels wrapped around my middle.

There is Snow behind the Windy, I can smell it. Her says she can too, and Her is glad to have found the neoprene lined welly boots before it Snows. I think I'm glad I am In and not Out, because Snow is Cold.


In my next blog post I am going to share piccies me Mum and Dad sent, Her has them in a folder so I can post them with two paw clicks!

18 November 2011

@Cammie's Kitties-OH YES, that works VERY well! Me Mum and Dad are gonna get a Roly-Poly home when The Warm returns, roflol!

More piccies!

In this first one is my soon to be fursister, Shadow-she's very purrrrrty!

And this is my soon to be fursister Dinky-she's very purrrrrty too!

When we are at the caravan I like to use the skylight to keep a watch on my beans-gotta make sure they are OK and have me Noms ready, lol!

Here I am in the same pose, erm, position I was using when I got me Mum and Dad to fall in love with me...

I think the final straw about me not staying in Devon for another cold snowy winter, was when a lady in the caravan opposite told my Mum & Dad about me following her around the site crying & trying to get into her caravan. Although I could get into Mum & Dads there was no heating on and it was very cold, that really upset my Mum & Dad, hence I am in with my foster
parents with until The Warm returns.

Something that you might like to try with your furbabies - I've found that if I've been caught out in the rain is a quick rub down with a piece of kitchen roll to help dry me off is rather nice, and takes the strain out of having to do it all yourself. It was quite funny the first time my Mum did it. (she said she didn't want a soaking wet furbaby curled up next to her). She called my Dad to look at the expression on my face, they both say I had a startled look of "What are you doing? I'm used to D.I.Y. or drip-drying".

I also like being brushed but not too keen on the spikey side, as Mum found out when I attacked the brush. I was a very good Roo and made sure that her hands were not in the way first. I'd never been brushed prior to coming to live with Mum & Dad. If you've been following my story on I Mozart & Gonzo blogosphere will know that I didn't get the attention I deserved from the Pillocks.

You can't have a highly intelligent & sensitive furbaby like me without tending to all of my needs. I occasionally get weepy eyes, and I'm really good about Mum bathing them with a little warm water on a cotton wool ball. (Mum told me she was going to get some golden eye ointment for me, but couldn't as it's no longer made - unless any of my furfriends can tell me what she can get that is similar?).

I was returned to my old beans during the early summer while my new Mum & Dad were at their permanent home for a couple of weeks. Another camper took pity on me as my eyes had been weeping quite a lot - I wonder if furbabies get hayfever? They didn't know I'd adopted & been adopted by my new Mum & Dad so suggested to the old Missus that a trip to the V E T was needed. The Missus said "Oh, we haven't seen him for six months" and didn't seem at all concerned about them. She took me in the front door, put me down and I was back out before she could close it. I hated it there - I went straight to the holiday park into my Mum & Dads caravan and kept my head down. I didn't want to be taken back there ever again!

Mum regularly keeps in touch letting me how much she & Dad are missing me (he's not one for showing his feelings) but I've heard through the grapevine that when my foster parents left with me in their car, Dad said that there was a huge Roo shaped hole in their lives and Mum should stop crying as she knew it was for the best, that they'd get to see me again when they come up to Scotland during the Christmas holidays, then I'd be back permanently with them when The Warm returns in the spring. I've always got my ears cocked listening out for them as I miss them as well!

Dear Mum and Dad, please tell Sue and Paul I miss their fussing almost as much as I miss yours! The neighbours come to visit and they give me good fusses but I miss yours. A lot. I am having a very nice Scottish Holiday but it will be nice to be Home again.

Purrs, kisses, and head bumps from your lad,


14 November 2011


Her and Him have been so busy doing something called 'winterising' that Her has not been leaving the laptop turned on so I could post these piccies to the blog. Hmph.

But Her FINALLY has, so here are some pics (more to come, me Mum sent a huge lot for me to post:):

First, here are two snaps of me with me Mum and Dad:

Here's me on the roof-very good viewing of where to strike next, erm, I mean visit. Seriously, just visit. I certainly was not up there to scout out potential sausage gathering tents, erm, spots, erm, never mind:

OK, and finally, here I am napping. Again. Shins do make very good pillows indeed!

I am still trying to learn to appreciate (hmph) The Horrible. It truly is Horrible, I do not like the way it feels all wrapped around me middle and front like that. Her showed me a YouTube video of a cat wearing one and going outside, but I think Them should just give it all up and let me Out. I understand why Mozart wasn't terribly interested in Out but I have never fallen with a squirrel next wrapped around me, nor have I had to contend with Things That Would Eat Me as much as he did, even though I was an Outdoor cat, we just have fewer Things That Would Eat Me. Plus I could hide better, I think. Mozart wasn't exactly the right colour cat to be able to hide in the hedgerows-WOWSA, he was ginger, wasn't he!

And They took my Hoard! Him said their kitchen is too small to have a big (growing, too) stack of Roo MREs (Her thinks it is funny to call me Whiskas pouches 'meals-ready-to-eat) sitting in the middle of the room. Hmph. Me Hoard was NOT in the middle of the room, Her had it neatly stacked against the back wall, but Him made Her hand it all up to Him to stack in the loft.

I went up there to make sure me Hoard would be safe from unauthorised nibbling by the mice-but there are no other animals except Us here, so it is ok, I guess. I liked seeing me Hoard next to Theirs, and I don't think I like that mine is in the loft but there you go.

@Mum, yes! I would like to see piccies of me soon-to-be-fursisters! I will try to be polite, like you said, and I think I can do it, Mum, I really do! I KNOW I can do it better than I can do The Horrible, LOL!

05 November 2011

Dear Mum and Dad, Her is finally letting me get a word in edgewise on teh Blog-O-Sphere. Sheesh, Her reads more than Him, and Him reads ALOT!

I have some piccies for you to admire, but first I want to show off my mad Copy&Paste skilz by bringing yer comment into the blog, Mum. I'm putting it a bold and italicised (stoopid SpelCheK spels Uhmerican, wut's up with that?!) highlight so's everyone will know it's a special quote from me Mum, telling my story in my words:

Roos Mum said...
It's time to tell the story about the sausage :D

While Mum & Dad had left a window open for me to come & go as I pleased and for someone to come down and feed me twice a day while they were at their permanent home, I missed their company & fusses.

This particular evening (2.30am) I needed some company so took myself for a walk around the holiday park. I soon smelt sausages and found a tent I hadn't previously been in. So thought I'd be polite and introduce myself. BIG problem there was a dog in residence who showed immediately he didn't like cats, barking and causing such a fuss, I ended up showing my sharp claws and smacked him across the nose. During the kerfuffle his people woke up and started shouting, this woke up other people on the campsite including the site owner who came across to see what all the noise was about (the site is usually very quite, so the noise was unusual) - the sausage smell had led me into more trouble, I'd spotted where the sausages had been left, so grabbed them on the way out.

I'm pussona non gratia on the campsite now which is why The Horrible has been put on me, that way I won't be able to raid tents in the future when I go back to my Mum & Dad in the spring.

November 4, 2011 7:56 AM

Yes Mum, I am being a fairly good Roo 'bout The Horrible. I suppose I really should learn how to wear it so that nobody at the holiday park ever accuses me of another sausage raid.

Her went to the library last week and got a book about helping cats get comfortable with The Horrible. I wouldn't do that for anyone else but you and Dad, Mum.

I would be mad at Her for making me go through this but yesterday when she came in from the dentist (and before she crawled miserably under the duvet until Him brought her some soup) she gave me this pressie she got for me while she was waiting for her bus. I like it, but don't tell Him that quite yet because I think Him is just a little bit jealous Her thought of it before Him did. (ROFLOL, last night I watched where Her put the wool shawl Her is working on after Her took me off of it even though it is a very nice Roo bed and I think Her should let me have it. Him saw me sleeping on it and didn't say anything to Her...)

It is a lot more fun than the picture shows, Mum and Dad. I can stick my paw through the top OR the side to get that inside ball. Someday I will get that ball. I like the springy outside ball, too, and like to make it spring.

Here is another picture, this one is of me holding Her down so Her doesn't float away while Her is hogging the InnerWebs. I want MY turn!

And here are my special pictures. I like to hide and wait for Them to ambush. This is one of my most magical hiding spots, Him never sees me, lol!

And I like waiting here, too-Her wears something Trifocals and so (Her says) Her never sees it coming:

And best of (but no piccies, maybe next time before The Hoard diminishes) is my own special corner in the kitchen where They store my Hoard. The hunting place called Tesco had an amazing offer on this week-BOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So They did, and I have 52 days of long range dated Whiskas pouches! Mum, I am a happy Kat that you and Dad sent with me with such good Foster Persons for the winter! I like to come and sit in the kitchen staring at my riches, it is a Good Thing.

28 October 2011

Dear Mum and Dad, hiya, it's Roo.

I am having a fair good time here in Scotland-They feed me OK (just the same things you fed me, Mum, but it doesn't taste as good as when you give it to me so I am only eating what I have to), and They keep my convenience tidy.

I don't want to complain, but I have to tell you that She has a strange notion of what the word "pressies' means. She went down to the shops this morning. She came back past my window:

She came inside and unpacked her grocery shop. I did not get any food.

I got:

A ball to chase.

A mousie to chew.

Don't worry Mum, it's a faboolus fake. The fur kinda tastes like mousie though, but the insides are hard and I like to chew on it even better than the cord to the heater. Uhm, that might be why She brought it home from the shops.

BUT THEN SHE PUT A HORRIBLE ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I did not like it:

I tried to rub it off but it will not rub off. They have to take it off for me. I did not like it, Mum and Dad, even though I did get to go outside whilst it was on me:

They have a lawn here and I looked at it through the fence:

But I hated having the Horrible on so much that I told Them to take me inside. When They did, and when They took off the Horrible, I went under the bed and did not play with my other pressies for a while because I was not happy at Her for bringing home the Horrible.

Mum, I think She is going to put the Horrible on me again. I think She will only let me go outside with the Horrible on. The neighbour came out with her little kittens, I mean little girls, and I heard her say that it's a very good idea to keep me safe until I go home with me Mum and Dad. So I will try to get used to the Horrible. But I don't like it.

Besides the Horrible, Scotland is actually rather nice, though I do miss my rabbit hunting (thanks, Dad, for sending Her the snaps):

But I don't think Him or Her is ever going to give me a chance to go rabbit hunting whilst I am on my Scottish Holiday. To quote Mozart, HMPH!

I am being a good boy just like you told me to, and am looking forward to being free, I mean going home to be with you. They are very nice (except They put Horribles on cats, that's not very nice), but I miss you very much.

Well, I will close this now and get on my bed by the wood stove in the bedroom. Him has lit a fire and it is very cosy in there.

Love Always,

Your lad Roo

PS-OH! @Camie's Kitties-thank you for the warm welcome! I think a Scottish Holiday (except for The Horrible) is a rather pleasant way to spend Winter, and I am glad to feel Mozart and Gonzo won't mind me borrowing their blogDOTspot to keep me Mum and Dad updated.

Mozart's People asked me to pass on the sad news that she likely will never know anything more about them after their new persons asked her to "let it go". It's very sad, that, and I hope They find the right cat to fill their home after I go back to me Mum and Dad's when The Warm comes back. Except for The Horrible, They are good cat persons, I can tell from the way They know how to Fuss me right and proper.

27 October 2011

Good morning, permit me to introduce myself, I am Roo'!

Short for Rooney, however I am neither Irish nor a footballer (although the dogs and rabbits where I've spent my life will beg to differ on that matter-remind me to tell you about the sausage raid sometime soon as well:)

I am a nearly six year old (but really, who's counting?) Burmese-Siamese cross recently removed from Devonshire where I was the scourge of the countryside, and the well loved unofficial King of the Caravans where I found me own true loves, Mum and Dad. Here's me in an ungaurded moment (although it doesn't show me in my full glory at all):

Now, I was bred and raised in Devon, first living with a set of Persons who frankly are complete pillocks. Suffice it to say that although they at first attended to my needs with some casual regularity, they permitted the younger members of the pride to perform certain acts of torture so unforgivable that I soon took myself off to the nearby holiday park and found myself new Persons-me Mum and Dad. To make a long story short this good morning, I shall leave it for another time and let it go by saying they are simply the best Persons EVER. They care for me very much and I've heard them say many times that when their 'old fellow' goes to the Bridge I shall make the journey to live with them near London, where I shall undoubtably be the King of those environs.

They've taken me back to my so-called first Persons several times and I have always gone in the front and out the back as quick as you can please, often making it back to the caravan park before they do.

However, while I may not be counting my years, they are. Mum and Dad decided I shouldn't spend another Devon winter essentially on my own-something to do with the sausage raid, no doubt. I really must tell you all about that, it ranks right up there with the agreement I have with the caravan park owner Person's dog-I get the rabbits and bring her the ears which are the only parts she really likes. I do so love a win-win:)

So. One day a week ago They arrived. They seem alright, and once I heard Her tell me Mum that they would simply give me a Scottish Winter Holiday and then bring me back when The Warm returns, I willingly permitted me Mum to put me into the Roo Transport atop the lovely little nest made up of two jumpers-one of me Mum's and one of me Dad's.

And we were away. Frankly I tell you motor car transport is not all that. Suffice it to say that I was glad to see the litter box upon arrival! No mean feat for a fellow used to going out the open window whenever the Call of Nature arises, I managed to make it over 600 miles without what She calls 'an accident'. I also managed not to leave those nice little puddles of sick I've heard the caravan furbabies talk about leaving their Persons during a travel.

Here is a snap of me in my Roo Transport. It wants improvement for the return to Devon. I shall have to speak to Her about it.

And now I have some exploring to do so I shall turn this over to Her and She will flesh out some of the details for you. I am looking forward to reading the Adventures of Mozart and Gonzo on HIs computer while She does. She misses them quite a lot, I heard Her tell Him that once She saw how much I love me Mum and Dad, She knew it was like Her with Mozart and Gonzo-they are my furever Persons and I rather think it is in Mozart and Gonzo's honour that She wants to give me a Scottish Holiday instead of a safe and warm for the rest of my life. She's quite right you know, I would have missed me Mum and Dad for the rest of me life, always keeping half an ear cocked for them to arrive to take me Home.


LOL, Roo' is an amazing cat. Very much a people person, yet his whole heart belongs to his Mum and Dad, so rather than chance another harsh winter in Devon, he will be spending this winter with us in Scotland.

Last winter his Mum and Dad followed their usual arrangement of having someone feed him twice a day, but this year the caravan park will be closed for a long slice of winter and they wanted to make sure he would have a 'safe&warm'. The winters seem to be getting worse every year all over the UK, and last year Roo' had a bit of too hard a time getting through until his folks returned. They are very much CatPeople, Roo' knew what he was doing when he fell in love with them, lol!

They have three cats at their year-round home and would take Roo' there in a half heartbeat if they weren't worried his arrival would immediately break the heart of a 18+year old fellow who has been their lad since he was six weeks old. Sadly, the old fellow is likely seeing his last Autumn.

Next Spring Paul and I will return Roo' to Devon to reunite him with his Mum and Dad, whereupon he will go home with them at the end of their Spring Holiday to meet his new fur-sisters.

Until then, I like to think Mozart and Gonzo will not mind him borrowing their blog space to keep his fans and admirers (of which he has more than a few, the sausage raid is only the latest in a long string of wonderful scrapes he's inspired the Devonshire countryside with!) up-to-date while he enjoys what we hope will be a lovely posh holiday for him.

We're thinking of taking him round to Glen Shee for the skiing, and perhaps we'll think about the Munro tour-I think he'd like to be able to say he's done all seven when he returns to Devon next spring, lol!

09 January 2011


Things did not work out for Mozart and Gonzo in south Alabama, and they have been rehomed at a forever home back in North Georgia.

Relations between Fox and me continue joyfully, however.

This will sadly be the last post on their blog. Fox and I will miss Mozart and Gonzo VERY much but their best interests are better served in a home with a people who is home all the time (Fox's schedule has him at the restaurant over 12 hours a day), a home with warmth and love.

Thank-you all who followed the adventures of two cats who were determined to find a forever home, two cats who went through some heartrending situations as they made their way into my life, Fox's, and now their new home. They've been with their new people for a couple of months and it is working out beautifully for them.

They will not be posting from their new home, though, so I wanted to let everyone know what has happened.