15 January 2012

Dear Mum and Dad,

I am fine, how are you?

I have been enjoying my Scottish holiday! On New Years Eve we had a nice spot of excitement at Midnight when Him woke up Her and They went out to the back garden to let off fireworks. They took my picture when They came back inside:

They took another picture of me on New Years Day but as it is exactly like the one from the previous evening I shall save bandwidth and not ask Her to post it.

It has been a little cold here so I spend a lot of my time in front of the wood stoves, on the bed under the duvet, or keeping warm by playing String and Swing.

String and Swing is a very good game with two majour components. Part One involves Him pulling a string for me to chase; Part Two involves Him pulling the string (and me) to the small mat, where I immediately lie flat so Him can fold the mat and swing me. I LOVE this game!

I have a perch now and They understand Cat well enough now that when I want to go on my perch and meorow to tell them, they lift me up onto the top of the cabinet in the study. I can look out of the front window, or I can watch Her walking around the house. I think Her knows I am giving careful thought to pouncing.

Well, Mum and Dad, I have a New Year surprise for you. I knew you wanted me to learn to accommodate The Horrible and I think these photos show that while I still HATE The Horrible, I know it is the only way Them will let me outside: