25 November 2010





Trip to our new home-sucky. he made us stay in the damn carrier the whole way. At least he was smart enough to put us in one carrier, he does listen to People, LOL!

It was very easy to say good-bye and good-luck to the codgie, she's staying with the foster-mom. Ick, she made BFF with the foster-mom's Dachshund (what a weird looking codgie, at least Gracie was ok to look at). We loaded up, and settled in for the trip, but Fox was so worried about us getting out of the car during stops he made us stay in the damn carrier. Then he made us stay in the damn bedroom for two days. Then he let us out of the damn bedroom, and now we are happy.

Except he doesn't have a computer??!! WOT?? He's got a PS3, why doesn't he have a computer??!! Luckily one of the many young ladies who visit left her laptop open, or I wouldn't be able to update all of you that Gozita and I are settled in. She's happy, he's got cable and she can catch up on Bloomberg TV. But no computer, so I, Mozart, could be lots happier. Hmph.

Dear Father Christmas, please tell People her stoopid son is OK but he needs to bring us more food from his hunting place (of course cats can eat cannelloni, d'uh!), and that he needs to get us a computer. And he needs to hook-up the web-cam so we can see People.

Hmph. Oh yeah, I've been a very good cat, and so has Gonzita.

17 November 2010

People and Paul have suggested we go to live with Fox, and I, Mozart, think that is a very good idea!

Fox, readers may recall, is the son of People (also known as Fox's Mom), and has been absent from People's life for a very long time. But last night he and People talked for a long time on the telephone, and things are worked out between them-Fox is going over to Scotland sometime this next Spring or Summer to meet his new step-father.

So, we are probably going to live in Fox's house in South Eats Alabama. I, Mozart, favour this idea highly because Fox is head chef at a Five-Star restaurant. YUM!

Gonzo is happy because she doesn't have to get more stabs, and then spend 22+ hours in the cargo hold of an airplane, then learn a whole new language. OK, I, Mozart, am happy for the same reason, but mostly the food, and I think I will really like living at Fox's house.

People is happy because she trusts Fox will be a good people for us to live with, and we will be still part of her life. People is not too happy because she will miss us, and because Fox rarely updates his FaceBook page (WOT??!!) and so she knows he will prolly not be too good about making sure I, Mozart, get to update my, erm, our blog. WOT???!!!

Hmph. We'll see about that!

30 September 2010

Whoa, People scared us VERY badly last week!

She emailed our foster-people that she was going to find us a new home because it would take so long to get us over the Scotland! I, Mozart was very-very-very mad and hurt and thought about running away when our foster-people opened the front door, but Gonzo said to wait and think about things.

People and Paul waited and thinked too, and we are trying again to get on a areoplane for Scotland. (Wot's a areoplane?)

I, Mozart, and little miss Gonzita are gonna have to have another round of stabby things (dammit) and a tracking chip put in us (I don't want another one of those things but if it gets us to Scotland, People, and Paul, OK.) Then we gotta have a bunch of white paper things written on, Green Papers and whatever they use for Green Papers in Scotland exchanged, then according to People, we will be stuffed into separate special areoplane travel crates and put on a areoplane to go to Scotland, People, and Paul.

People told us about all this before she left to get on her areoplane to go to Scotland and Paul. She said the special areoplane travel crates are different than the nice soft cozy travel crates she used to carry us to the V.E.T.-she said the special areoplane travel crates are bigger and made of hard plastic. Hmmm. She said the areoplane people wouldn't let me and Gonzita ride in the same special areoplane travel crates, either.

HMPH! I, Mozart do not like the idea of my little miss Gonzita being in a different special areoplane travel crate without me, Mozart. People said her areoplane trip would take at least 22 hours. I, Mozart do not like to think about being apart from my little Gonzita for that long, she might be scared.

HMPH! I, Mozart, do not like special areoplane travel crates.

I sneaked into the foster-people's email and emailed all of this to People, who emailed back:

My Darling, Darling Mozart!

I am so sorry for scaring you and Little Miss Gonzita, I only did it because I thought it would be better for you and her. But Paul could tell how unhappy I was, and then I had a terrible dream that you and Gonzo ran away and had terrible adventures Outside!

So we decided to find a way somehow to make it work for you and Gonzo to come to Scotland, we are trying very hard to get you two here as soon as we possibly can!

Be a good Mozart for Sami, your foster-people, PLEASE!! Do not run away to Outside, or let Gonzo run away to Outside, and hopefully very soon you will be immigrant Moggies (that's what cats are called in Scotland).

I love you, my Ginger Boy, and Gonzo, too!


PS-does Sami know you can hack her email??!!

03 August 2010


People has done it now!!

OK, very qwik catch-up...our New Years Eve pressie was a stoopid codgie. A woofer! We named her Gracie, and I, Mozart, love her very much although she can be very annoying sometimes. Gonzo loves Gracie too, and especially loves to get Gracie into trouble, hehe!

Meanwhile, People has been working for the Census Bureau but that's over now, and she is moving us to SCOTLAND, where the people talk even more funny than People. Hmmph. She has to leave us in some stoopid thing called qwarinteen for six months too, because she didn't put chips in all of us when we got our Shots.


People fell in love in the most modern way-she met a Scotsman on her peak oil forum. They first talked back and forth on the forum-that took up nearly a year and a half.

Then they started private messaging. That took up only about a month. Then they started using each other's private email, a really big deal because that implies HUGE trust.

Then he called her on the telephone. Sigh, Downhill to full-on love from there, they are getting married at the end of September.

HMMMMMMMMPH. And I, Mozart, little Gonzita, and that stoopid furbag Gracie will get to go to four-leg prison for six months.

People and Paul better have LOTS of pressies, and I'm not talking another stoopid furbag for when we gets outta the slammer, see!