25 July 2009


People is going to make us crazy! She just finished writing up her plans for more Adventures in Remodeling!

We thought she was done!

Oh hardly.


Now that things at her Hunting Place have somewhat settled down she is feeling more confident and has just signed off the mortgage on The Tin Shack. Good, we thought, Gonzie and I, Mozart, finally some peace and quiet.

Honestly, we thought she would content herself with her newest enthusiasim-SFG (SquareFootGardening). The catnip is very nice when it is fresh:)

But no, the next Big thing to happen is stranger peoples are coming to level the house so we will be shuttled off to Dr. Dave's for two whole days the first week of September.

And before that she will be finishing off some work in the bathroom by pulling out those horrid power tools to tear holes in the bath room to create some more storage space. The tool bag is out, the crazy female people is gonna do it in a couple of hours! Hiding under the bed is not an option as the bath room and bedroom are practically in the same room.


Really, it is not fair. When she is finished we will be loony Kats. If she ever finishes. Gonzo is so upset she stopped being Monorail Cat and got on the couch with me where the AC hits right on her tiny little girl self, which she hates, but she is wroth with People so she got off the nice warm monitor.

Dammit, why can't People just do her SFG thing and let us live our lives??

I read her list-it is Big.

It is Noisy (people things are almost always noisy, why is that?).

It is Expensive (great, shorted on prezzies again), and will take her the next two years at the rate she gets things done by insisting on paying cash. Hey, we've only just barely got the Innerwebs and cable back!

We think she should win this lottery thing-Gonzo is working very hard at trying to figure out some good numbers that would win enough to cover the complete reno while we take a nice week at the spa, er, Dr. Dave's.

Yeah, win the lottery and Get 'Er Done, People!