03 August 2010


People has done it now!!

OK, very qwik catch-up...our New Years Eve pressie was a stoopid codgie. A woofer! We named her Gracie, and I, Mozart, love her very much although she can be very annoying sometimes. Gonzo loves Gracie too, and especially loves to get Gracie into trouble, hehe!

Meanwhile, People has been working for the Census Bureau but that's over now, and she is moving us to SCOTLAND, where the people talk even more funny than People. Hmmph. She has to leave us in some stoopid thing called qwarinteen for six months too, because she didn't put chips in all of us when we got our Shots.


People fell in love in the most modern way-she met a Scotsman on her peak oil forum. They first talked back and forth on the forum-that took up nearly a year and a half.

Then they started private messaging. That took up only about a month. Then they started using each other's private email, a really big deal because that implies HUGE trust.

Then he called her on the telephone. Sigh, Downhill to full-on love from there, they are getting married at the end of September.

HMMMMMMMMPH. And I, Mozart, little Gonzita, and that stoopid furbag Gracie will get to go to four-leg prison for six months.

People and Paul better have LOTS of pressies, and I'm not talking another stoopid furbag for when we gets outta the slammer, see!