15 January 2012

Dear Mum and Dad,

I am fine, how are you?

I have been enjoying my Scottish holiday! On New Years Eve we had a nice spot of excitement at Midnight when Him woke up Her and They went out to the back garden to let off fireworks. They took my picture when They came back inside:

They took another picture of me on New Years Day but as it is exactly like the one from the previous evening I shall save bandwidth and not ask Her to post it.

It has been a little cold here so I spend a lot of my time in front of the wood stoves, on the bed under the duvet, or keeping warm by playing String and Swing.

String and Swing is a very good game with two majour components. Part One involves Him pulling a string for me to chase; Part Two involves Him pulling the string (and me) to the small mat, where I immediately lie flat so Him can fold the mat and swing me. I LOVE this game!

I have a perch now and They understand Cat well enough now that when I want to go on my perch and meorow to tell them, they lift me up onto the top of the cabinet in the study. I can look out of the front window, or I can watch Her walking around the house. I think Her knows I am giving careful thought to pouncing.

Well, Mum and Dad, I have a New Year surprise for you. I knew you wanted me to learn to accommodate The Horrible and I think these photos show that while I still HATE The Horrible, I know it is the only way Them will let me outside:


Camie's Kitties said...

We are so glad that you are accepting the horrible. We know it is hard, but if it's what will let you go outside, we think you just have to tolerate it.

It looks like you are still having a really good holiday.

Cody and Gracie

Fox's Mom said...

Hiya! I am having a wonderful time even though The Horrible is a part of my Scottish Holiday, but I must confess I am quite surprised there has been so little snow! Everyone in my home corner of the Kingdom (Devonshire) bangs on about the terrible Scottish Winters and I was looking forward to bragging rights along the lines of "I survived the brutal Scottish Winter of 2011-2012".

To quote Mozart, "HMPH"! If this is what the Scots call Winter, we Devonshire Kats have it beat. It did snow once, and I was rather wild to go out in it because back home hunting is rather good in a snow.

Well, They only took me out on The Horrible, so I was cold and somewhat miserable. We came in and I warmed up by the stove.

Still, They are not unpleasant hosts, and I am enjoying my visit whilst looking forward to being Home with Mum and Dad, my real 'Beans:)

Anonymous said...

Wow Roo you did it! Thank you my little furbaby boy for getting used to the HORRIBLE.

When we move to the new house in Devon, you'll be first to go walkabout. You'll be able to show your fur sisters & brother (Smudge) who we didn't expect to last the winter and is still going strong that it's easy, if you persevere :D

The bungalow will be going on the market at the end of March & we'll be going down to Devon on 9th March and staying in the caravan for a couple of weeks looking at new houses for all of us, up on Dartmoor. So you'll no longer be the scourge of Smytham lol.

Our friend Annette is going to house & furbaby sit while we're away looking for our new home.

Hopefully we'll be living in Devon permanantly by the end of April. When your foster parents will be bringing you back to us.

Both your Dad & I love hearing about what you've been getting up to from your foster parents. But, we'll both be so pleased when you're home with us.

Lots of luv n hugs from Mum & Dad xxx

Fox's Mom said...

LOL, Roo's Mum, we were really hoping he'd get it in time for Christmas as we thought it would be a lovely Christmas surprise. That is one smart Kat, though, and one morning last week he just 'got it'!

We're really going to miss him when he goes home, and are so grateful that you and Roo's Dad trusted us with your furbaby! Now we know how Paul likes having a cat (surprisingly more than he thought, LOL) and having managed to persuade Roo to use The Horrible, we know we can get a pair of kittens to do the same.

Although we'll miss your lad, it will be so lovely to see him home with you! I'm sniffling in anticipation of seeing the reunion:)

Anonymous said...

We're really looking forward to seeing you again and busy househunting for all of us, down in the Dartmoor area of Devon.

As you're used to walking on the harness, you'll be able to show your fursister & brother that the HORRIBLE is nothing to be frightened of.

Yes you'll be able to curl up under the duvet with us. Dad will just have to get used to it!

Until we meet again, keep being a good boy for your foster parents.

Love Mum, Dad, Smudge, Dinky & Shadow xxx

Anonymous said...

lol - you little escape artist, I did warn your foster parents that you could get out of anywhere, which I think they'll now agree with.

I understand that you pinched your foster dads scotch egg when he went into another room, and then trying to get a piece of another by tapping his hand with your paw, you are being cheeky lol, I think your going to be a little barrel when you come home to us - which should be around the end of March beginning of April.

I know the time won't go quick enough for your Dad & I to be reunited with you. Until then here are some kisses for you xxxxxx

Fox's Mom said...

ROFLOL, I thought about letting Roo blog his Big Escape adventure but I wanted to be sure you'd already heard. I was out, so Paul had 'all the fun' of finding him. I'd have been horrified.

And now I am especially careful before going out to be sure the windows are shut!

Roo is one of the smartest cats I've ever met, Chris, he really is!

Anonymous said...

He's an escape artist of the highest degree, think he could have given Houdini lessons lol.
He will make a beeline for the smallest opening - I thought I'd warned you he could get out of anywhere :o)

Hopefully his visit to the VET will curb his enthusiam for stealing roast chicken.

For such a large cat he is so light on his feet, you wouldn't even realise he was on the worktop until he'd stolen what he was after :o( - In reply to the telephone conversation with your foster mum;- I think yes he will have a partner in crime - Shadow is also very light on her feet, and has feather dusters between her claws. I know she gets up on the worktop, but rarely gets caught.

It wouldn't be the first time I've had two furbabies working in tandem to steal food. My first furbabies Kipper & Tigger stole a leg of lamb from under an eye level grill and dropped it on the floor for my old dog Sparky, while I was out :o( That taught me, not to leave anything under the grill, that might be of interest to furbabies, but put it into the fridge out of the way.

Thanks again to your foster mum & dad for taking such good care of you xxxx