28 February 2012

Dear Mum and Dad,

Well, as you know, I have been having some adventures. Going to see the V.E.T. was not nice especially when the V.E.T. stabbed me twice in the neck, and then put a cold stick up my backsides! But it was over quick and I was with Him the entire time. We walked to the V.E.T., Him carried me in my cat jail and there were a couple of times the cars seemed to come very close! I did not like that, that part of my adventure was not nice either.

But I did enjoy walking in the cat jail with Him when we were on the quiet lanes. I was able to see out and smelled lots of interesting smells.

I am feeling much better now so I suppose the stabs and that stick (OH MY!!) was worth it.

I am also becoming rather good at slipping out the back porch door, lol! I understand now that if Him goes out with the rucksack on his back, He will eventually be coming back in with a full rucksack and at least two grocery bags in each hand. So I go into the loo and hide on the cistern lid-when I hear Him coming up the back walk I cleverly reach up and open the kitchen door so I can slip out the back door as He comes in loaded down with His sacks. I don't get very far because He (and Her) drop everything and run after me. It is a good game:)

But Mum and Dad, here is the thing. Her says She can go out by Herself because She has something called opposable thumbs, and I can't go out alone because I do not have these opposable thumbs thingys.

So when I come home, I want opposable thumbs, whatever those are!

Love always, your lad,


OH PS: here is a picture of me in my favourite spot:

Ahhhhhhoooouuummmm, roasty-toasty!


Camie's Kitties said...

Hi Roo,

We don't like the evil V-E-T either. Your game sounds like so much fun. How far have you managed to get before they catch you again?

Cody and Gracie

Fox's Mom said...

Not so far, lol, because there are so many interesting things to sniff and mark as MINE all along the back garden:) But one of these days...


Anonymous said...

Oh Roo, you really mustn't steal roast chicken - the bones could hurt you, which I think is what happened.

Please, please don't scare us again like that! You know your foster parents would give you some of the chicken anyway.

Yes, I heard you've found an escape route, don't roam too far please - there are some rather unpleasant wild cats up in the woods who would quite happily take you on and win! I'd hate anything to happen to you xx

Everything here is going well, we have one room left to decorate & one carpet left to clean.

We'll be going down to Devon hopefully on the 14th March for a couple of weeks to have a look at different areas where we would like to live. We've seen some lovely houses online but, seeing them in real world they could be totally different, neighbours that leave a lot to be desired etc.

I must admit you look so comfy beside the log fire. You'll be pleased to know we'll be having one put in the lounge of whatever house we live. They look so lovely and put out so much heat.

I've joined the "Fortful Filsofurs, Fur cats that like to Fink about Fings" on Facebook, and have been made their artist. It's lots of beans that are cat people, and we have such a laugh. At the moment we planning to go to the Die Soon factory in Malaysia (in our dreams) to destroy it. Not many furbabies like any kind of hoover, but the Dyson seems to be the most unpopular! Your Dad thinks I've lost the plot mol

Hopefully we should be re-united before long - the bungalow is going on the market as soon as we get back from Devon, and we'll be moving into the caravan until we find a house we like.

Lots of love from Mum & Dad xxx