30 July 2007

But Wait! There's more...

OK, I am IN!!! I finally felt safe, but I was playing it very very cool. That is until the storm.

I am a Southern Boy, I live in the North Georgia Piedmont. The weather here, according to my People Person, is much nicer than where she came here from-the Gulf Coast region. But we have very wild weather here, I think, so I think if she ever tries to move back to South Alabama I will have to protest strongly. Very strongly.

About a week after I got IN I stopped sleeping under the bed, and started sleeping on top of it even if she was in it. I like sleeping with a people. It is very nice for her to have me there. But when the boomerbangs and the Big Light happened at the same time I got scared and jumped off the bed and got under it. I knew what was coming-Water!

I like water, I even jump in the water box and look at the water falling spout hoping it will turn on, and when she gets in the water box she has to make me stay outside of the door because I like to get in it when the water is falling. That's OK, I just jump in the kitchen sink when she washes things now.

But when I was OUT and the boomerbangers happened I did not like the water because it was hard to find a place to go without water. Water is only good when you can get out of it when you are wanting to get out of it. And the boomerbangs and the Big Lights-UGH!

Anyway, she woke up too, and jumped off the bed. I wondered if she was gonna get under the bed too. But she got a big plastic thing that makes light and then she went around taking the magical Power Lines out of the wall and she did some other things too, like putting a plastic light maker in all the rooms, and then she turned on the TV and sat down in a chair away from the windows.

She talked to herself out loud-a big help to understand what was happening. She kept saying this was one heck of a storm (that's what peoples call boomerbangers?) and she said "Oh please God no tornadoes!"

The way she said it told me she didn't like tornadoes and that she was scared and that maybe she thought this God guy might help. Personally I count on Nubis and Bast, so I can understand.

So I got out from under the bed and came out and sat on Gator's smelly spot and then I jumped on her lap and then she said "Oh Crikes!" but she held me just right and we got in the laundry closet and there was a really loud roarey wind, but it was a little bit far away, and that's how I found out about what is a tornado.

The tornado missed us, but went over the hills to a different town and tore up house coverings and trees and moved a bunch of cars all around. But no peoples, and no cats or dogs or anything.

The next day she made me an evac pak and told me about the hurricanes she and Gator went through down on the Gulf.

I don't like the Gulf. I don't want to go there. Ever.

But I like that I have an evac pak just like Gator's 'cept mine has cat stuff and Gator's had dog stuff.

My momma loves me.

She said I have to get used to a cat carrier and she brought one home for me. She put it on the coffee table and left the door unzipped so that I could go in, but I thought she was gonna take me back to the shelter in it and I wouldn't go in it for ANYTHING not even my favorite fluttery thing she got for me the day after I got IN.

But then, a month after I got IN, she grabbed my front paws together in one hand, and my back paws and back end in the other and the next thing I knew I was in the damn cat carrier! With the door ZIPPED SHUT!!

I let her know how I felt!

But then a lot of people came in and started taking out all of the things in the house. What??

She put me on top of a table and I could see everything that was happening. She leaned down and told me that I should not worry, we are not going to V.E.T. or the shelter, we are moving to a different house!


How did she know I was afraid of going back to the shelter?

How did she know how to get me in the carrier before I knew what was happening?

She knows cats.

I like my new house. We have lived here since May 5th. We have a lot of things here that we didn't have in the other house, like a washing machine, which is a very cool water box for washing clothes, but not cats. I try to get in it every time she uses it though. And we have a dryer. I like the dryer. My food is on top of it, and it is very warm when she puts the wet clothes from the washing machine into it and turns it on. My people says I am going to love it come winter:)

I have food, and water-I have MY VERY OWN WATER BOWL JUST FOR ME! I have fluttery things and round rolley things called rattle balls, and I have a dryer that I will love in the winter. I have windows to look out of that are not looking at the awful woods I came In from. I have a blog, and friends with blogs that I can read and leave comments on.

I have a people person ALL MY OWN who loves me.

I have good adventures, instead of the scary ones I had when I was OUT. The storm and the move were just the first. My people tells me sometimes about Gator's adventures, like Hurricane Ivan, and when they lived in Guatemala. (What's a Guatemala?)

Now I am going to train her to hunt a camera so that I can show everyone what a handsome Ginger I am!

Oh yeah, I like the cat carrier thing now, and get in it sometimes. She leaves it open, on the floor in the room with the TV and computer. But mostly I like sitting on her lap or next to her on the floor.

OK, now you are all caught up on I, Mozart.


Puff said...

Oh Mozart, we are so happy you are IN! My mom tries to get the momcat outside to come in and be my sister. We have to rescue her kittens too. I was rescued when I was a very tiny baby.

Samantha & Tigger said...

So glad to catch up on you Mozart!! So glad you are in and your Mom sounds like a great person. We live in FL and we get thunderboomers, too.
Your FL furiends,

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We hat dem booming and flashy storms too! Well, egsept fur Zippy, she likes to sit out on da front porch and watch dem. We'z so happy yoo is in da IN. IN is much better den da out...

Daisy said...

Mozart, I am glad you have nothing but good adventures now, and you are IN and safe from the falling rain. I can tell your mom loves you lots. We live in south Florida, and I am very very scairt of loud thunder noises.

I hope you get a camera soon, because I can't wait to see your photo!

THE ZOO said...

were so happy yur a hppy kitty wiff a bean of yur own. weve been on baycashun several times so we are kinda used to owr carriers. when momma furst tried to catch me and get me in one of those baggies i scratched scratched scratched her and made her bleed. thats why i was named Blade. they kept comin back given me fud and water. then i decided te time was rite to go home wiff them.
my bro shawn lyks to sleep on the dryer. hes rarely off it when its on. one time sissy woke him up to wyp away his drool and he smacked her hand and hissed and bite her elbow.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Mozart. Remember not to climb into the dryer, not matter how comfywarm it might look. Some kitties have been hurt bad when their bean dumped wet clothes on top of them, and turned the dryer on. Your person is probably smart enough to check, but why take chances? Especially after all the work it took to get IN.

Bounce, Lucy and Trixie said...

Mozart we are happy dat you found a bean of yore own and are now IN. Yore story made mom's eyes leaky but she is furry happy now dat you has a good home and nice beans to take care of you.

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

We are so happy that you're IN and have such a great Mom to take care of you!!