29 July 2007

Congratulations again to the lovely Fomerly Feral over at missyblueeyes.blogspot.com!

In is beter!

My new people takes very good care of me, 'cept she's gone a lot lately. She has to pay for my kibble. But today she came back early and I heard her tell her people friend Jack that she finally ran her timecard (what's a timecard?) and found out she was on her 20th straight workday.

Hmph. She could have asked me, I cudda told her she had got up before the sun came out for twenty mornings in a row. I cudda told her she left me alone in the dark house twenty times in a row! I cudda.

But she does take very good care of me, and I do live IN, so I try to do my part. When the box on her table makes that loud noise that she seems too able to sleep through, I make sure she gets up. Even if she doesn't want to. I know the box makes her go hunting for the money to pay for my kibble.

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Daisy said...

Work is hard. It is nice of you to do your part to help your mom.