27 October 2007

I, Mozart, have decided that dangly things are almost as good as fluttery things.

People has a friend who makes dangly things to hold People's glasses on her neck when her ears are not holding up her glasses.

Once, People set her glasses down on the table and I sniffed the glasses, and then looked through the glasses for a long time. Then People came back for her glasses. I don't think I like glasses. I felt crookedy for a coupla minutes after looking through People's glasses.

I don't get it. People holds these things up with her ears and doesn't walk crookedy when she is looking through the glasses.

Must be a peoples thing.

People and I, Mozart, are having many "Adventures In Remodeling". The latest adventure is going to happen tomorrow when People tries out another one of her new power tools.

People has power tools in something called storage down in the hurricane place, but she is waiting to get the "Adventures In Remodeling" more finished before we begin "Adventures In Moving The Rest Of People's Stuff to Georgia".

Last weekend People tried out the new corded power drill. She is very good with it-she put a lot of holes in the ceiling, then filled the holes with little silver things (I don't know what she calls the little silver things because she didn't say the name of them when she was filling the perfectly good holes she had just made with the little silver things. They were shiney. I hope I find one while she is out hunting. I mean working.) to hold up some somethings she calls "smoke detectors'.

She put some holes in the walls and filled those holes too-yup, more shiney things-and now the cleaning sticks she calls mops and brooms and dustpans have a place to be when she is not using them.

She also made some more holes for holding up curtain rods-oooooooo, curtains are soooooooo fluttery now that she (also) made some keep Mozart in the house but let the outside smells and air in things she calls screens. She put these damn screen things in the window and now she can open the windows on nice days.

I, Mozart, can sit on the back of the couch window and watch the front. I can sit in the washer and dryer room window and watch the back.

But I can't get out of the house. Mostly Out does not appeal to me. But sometimes...

I am undecided about screens.

But I like "Adventures In Remodeling"! Even painting; People uses something she called Low Voc so I would not get sick from something she calls fumes. I don't know about fumes, but I like painting. I tried to help and I think my paw prints looked very artistic, but People wasn't very happy about my help.

People can be very silly sometimes about what is artistic.BUT...

People Got A Camera! Soon she will take the film out and take it to the CVS place and bring back a CD thing, feed it to Boris the computer, and Boris will make my pictures appear on my blog!!

(People calls the computer Boris. I smelled it-it is not alive. I think.)

I tried to teach People about digital cameras, but she said she didn't want to get too technical, and besides, with a film camera, People says she can develop the film herself after we are finished with "Adventures In Remodeling" and can set up a room she calls a dark room.

I do not know how far People plans to go with this remodeling thing-we only have three rooms, four if you count the washer dryer room and five if you really push it and call the bathroom a room.

We don't have a room she can make into a dark room.

S'OK, she'll show me.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Mozart! It is so nice to hear from you. You should really add some of your posts to da cat blogosphere...http://www.blog.catblogosphere.com/ it is a grate place fur us blogging cats.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Hey, Mozart! Glad to hear from you again. We were starting to wonder what had happened to you.

Be careful around those power tools. Some of them are really, really sharp, and they really don't care if they are cutting wooden boards or kittie legs.

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

Hi Mozart, we hopes the remodeling is still goin' well. We're lookin' forward to seein' pictures!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hot(M)BC said...

We hopes yoo's doing good Mozart! Happy Fanksgiving :)
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi