23 December 2007

Gee, thanks Santa!

People says Santa (who's Santa?) came early. HMPH!

But I feel better now about my 'present' that this Santa guy dropped off five days ago. It took me three days to stop hissing and growling at it. Can you guess what I got for Christmas?

It took two more days before I would play with my Christmas present.

But I did, I am, I will. Have you guessed yet?

It needs a name.

People keeps asking me what it's name is, but she doesn't listen, so People will have to work really hard to come up with our kitten's real name by Christmas.

But I still think Santa should have brought the kitten In, instead of dropping him off in the front yard at O Dark Thirty on a cold, wet, and windy North Georgia morning. (Maybe I don't like this Santa, after all, if he thinks it is OK to drop off Christmas presents that are teeny tiny little black and white kittens with their tails two thirds cut off-that's right, this little guy came with a stub!)

People brought him in, chucked him in the bathroom, left him some of my food and water, and my baby litter box. (HMPHH!).I was NOT happy!

She told me he was just wandering around the front yard squalling at the top of his lungs (I knew that-I'd been listening to the brat for two hours at least!) and she couldn't leave him out there alone at 0500, could she? I was not happy!

This little guy squalled all day while while People was gone. I was not happy.

People came home from hunting and told me that she would find him a home, honest. I was NOT happy!

She put him in my damn carrier for the night. I was not happy!

I was not happy the next day, or night. People said she was having a little trouble finding someone to take him. I was kinda surprised, 'cuz he is pretty cute.

I got kinda curious the third day, and I talked to him. He said he had peoples, but they thought kittens should be Out, and they weren't very nice, 'coz they stepped on his tail, and it fell off, but they still put him Out.

People said that she heard from one of the neighbours that the other neighbours up the hill on the other side had a kitten go missing that had lost his tail as a really little kitten after they stepped on it. They put it Out when the bleeding stopped. They said they don't want him back, if he is still alive. They think a wolf got him.

I know those peoples, they aren't very nice to cats. So I think I know Kitten's mom. She isn't too bad, but she and I fought alot when I was still Out, mostly for food. Especially after People started putting food out for me. Well, all the cats, but I decided it was for me. While I was still Out.

OK, so last night I decided I might like the kitten after all.

Today People let him out of the damn carrier.

And we've been playing ever since. He doesn't understand that I need naps, and he doesn't take naps (??!), so People took him on her lap while I blog.

But I am done blogging about my Christmas present-Gotta Go, I've got a Kitten to name!

And teach to use the litter box, and not get on Mozart's sofa, or in Mozart's special toys-but I did take him one toy to play with last night, that's how People knew it might be safe to let him out of the damn carrier. I gotta teach him all kinds of things!

I, Mozart, am now Uncle Mozart!


Camie's Kitties said...

Congratulations on your new Christmas present. How sad for the new kitten that his before people were so mean to him, especially when there are so many wonderful people like your People. You have a very good People to take him in and you, Uncle Mozart are very good to show him the ropes. We can't wait to find out his name.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

Millie said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours! May you have a safe, healthy, and happy day!


The Meezers said...

aww, the new kitten gotted a wonderful chrissymas present - a new furever home wif people who won't step on him and hurt him.

Merry Christams Mozart

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

Merry Christmas to you and your People and the new kitten!! We know you'll be a great Uncle!! We hopes you all have a wonderful day!!

Jan said...

How sweet. Uncle Mozart. What a wonderful Christmas present for all of you. Have you named him yet?

Merry Christmas!
Jan's Funny Farm

THE ZOO said...

Congratulations on th kitten. Thats a sad story he has. Try to be nise to him. Remember that was you once. Merry Christmas.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Merry Christmas, yeah, sumtimes Sandy Claws does some kinda weerd stuff but it was nice of him to save da little kitty from da bad beans. How bout Beethoven? Yeah, dat's kinda a big name fur a little guy. Chopin? Berlioz? Well, we'll just wait until he tells yoo what he wants to be called...

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

"One cat just leads to another."
-- Ernest Hemingway

"Uncle Mozart" has a nice ring to it. Happy Christmas, Mozart, and enjoy training your new playmate. If you run him enough, eventually he'll learn that cuddling with his big brother is kinda nice, and you'll be able to get in a nap or two.

If all else fails, use him as a pillow.

You're learning the bad side of living with a cat-loving bean. They almost never stop with just one.

Hot(M)BC said...

Happy Boxin Day and Meowy Chrissymouse from alla us slow cats who's behind because the Mom was so danged bizzy she couldn't type for us. (But she says Grandpa hadded a good Chrissymouse and he's furry old so I guesses it's ok.)
Hope yoo like yore nefew after a while.
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties

The Crew said...

Well Mozart, most cats are not happy when a new brother or sister kitten joins the family. But take it from me...I've been throught it 3 times now, and it's really not so bad. Training a kitten can be trying, but you get to pass on all your Mancatly wisdom to the youngster. We can't wait to see pictures!

The Crew

Munchie said...

nice to meeted you, come see my food suppliers blog...she is kinda cool, even though she does kissy kissy on my big belly.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Concatulations, Uncle Mozart! Kittens are fun to raise. Your momma needs to post those photos!


Team Tabby said...

Your new kitten is lucky that Santa Paws picked your home and got you for an uncle.

Mindy & Moe