14 December 2007

Good and not so good news...

It is now as official as can be without a pedigree-I, Mozart, am a Maine Coon cat. I coulda told her, but People has listening to Mozart issues.

Ever since I moved into People's house, I have had a chronic sneeze. People started smoking outside because she thought it was causing my sneeze.

(Here's the not so good news.) People consulted with the V.E.T. who did some tests, and because he really really likes Mozart, did some Googling and other research. He had People bring me back into his stick Mozart with pointy things place so he could see if I have the 'M' on my furhead and the tufty ear things, and then he did the test that told him I am most likely a Maine Coon cat, and I have cardiomyopathy.

(People is a British peoples, although she was borned in America, and lives in America, and gave up her dual citizenship a long time ago. People has an interesting story too.)

V.E.T. says if any peoples can keep me going with a sound quality of life, it is my peoples, People.

This is so not the end of my story! But it is a good middle place in my story. I am warm-but not too warm. I am fed-but not too well fed. I have fun exercize-but not the stressful kind I had when I was still Out. And I have People.

See, I knew I needed to be In!

In Is Better!

Especially for Maine Coon cats with the cardiomyopathy (that a responsible breeder would have ensured I didn't get borned with).

And now the V.E.T. and People know that I am a lot younger cat than they thought. When the V.E.T. read my shelter chip he thought there had to be something he called a clerical error, coz I am so big, so I couldn't be that young.

I, Mozart, am a BIG kitten-I am not even a year old! I will be one years old at the end of something called January.

Woo-Hoo, my really First Christmas!

OH NO!! Will having this cardiomyopathy thing mean I won't get as big a piece of Christmas dinner as I did the Thanksgiving Day one?? HMPHH!

Still, In Is Better! WOO HOO!!


Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Here's hoping you have a long and healthy live ahead of you, young kitten. Now that they know you have a problem, the beans should be able to deal with it better.

Make sure your beans give you lots of Christmas dinner, though, OK?

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

We're sendin' you and your People our strongest purrs. It's definitely a good thing that you're In!! We hopes you still get lotsa Christmas dinner, 'specially since it's your fur real first one, young kitty!!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Not even a year old! Gosh, how did yoo get lost out in da out? In is better, definitely. We hope da vet and yoor mom can help yoo to live a long happy life.

Karl & Ruis said...

We are so sorry to hear about that cardiomyopahty.... But it seems you are lucky and have People who will be able to deal with it accordingly and you will live a good long life!!!!
We still will send some purrs, just in case
purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr purr
Karl and Ruis
Come and see "The Santa Caper"!!!
It'll be fun!!!

Hot(M)BC said...

IN is definitely better. We'll send yoo lotsa purrs so yoo feels ok. Hope you enjoy yore first Chrissymouse dinner!
Sanjee that the Hotties

THE ZOO said...

We hope yoo get better and have a long and healthy life. we cannot believe yur so young with all the life you had already. at least yoo hafe many yeasr yet to be wiff yr bean.

Riley & Tiki said...

We are glad you are In. There are no medicines or Christmas dinners in the Out. Be good and take your medicines, okay?

The Crew said...

Hello Mozart. We read about you at the Cat Blogosphere and wanted to stop by and meet you. We're not sure what "cardiomyopathy" is, but we sure hope your VET person can make you feel better.

Stop over and see us.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty
The Crew

Team Tabby said...

Hi Mozart, good to meet you. Too bad about your cardiomyopathy, but you are young and your beans know you need to be inside and quiet. Our big brofur came to live wif us when he was 8 yrs. old and newly diagnosed with the same problem. His was condition was very advanced, tho, when he came, but we had a fun year with him and our beans liked him a lot. He was a happy cat and to look at him and see him in action you'd never know he had anything wrong wif him.
Mindy & Moe