28 December 2007

Me gots a Name!

I is Gonzo!

Unca Molzart's Peepole gived me a Name!

I is now GONZO!

Its Unca Molzart's turn to type now.

I would ask "What is a Gonzo?" except I was sitting on People's lap when she Googled 'gonzo' to make sure she understood the term our Christmas Visitor used to describe The Kitten Who Needs A Name.

Gonzo is gonzo, a gonzo kitten, so Gonzo it is for the kitten formerly known as The Kitten Who Needs A Name.

I am not quite done being a kitten myself, but I, Mozart was never gonzo, not like this little wild man who has moved in to disturb our peace and totally knock us over with his full-tilt careen through life. People says falling out of a tree ina squirrel nest may have affected my sense of what is fun. (She saw it happen, I didn't know that, but she did. It was before I got In, while I was still Out.)

Plus, he is funny.

I, Mozart, Googled 'gambol' to make sure I was using it right. As long as I can stay out of his way, this kitten's gamboling is hilarious!

Plus, he wags his stubby tail.

He is too cute. My nose is sometimes out of joint, but People knows cats, and she makes sure I have plenty of reassurance that I am The Cat.

I am so cooool that I just watch Gonzo eat, instead of trying to get his kitten food. (Besides, he peed in his water dish-eeeew! People cleaned it out, but...)

People finished her first roll of film. She will drop the film off tomorrow during her weekly food-hunt trip, and the CVS will give her a CD to go along with the paper pictures so that she can upload our pictures for you to see us. We like seeing all the pictures on our fellow cat blogger pages, and we want in on the fun!

More later, Gonzo has his tiny face deep in the trough, so I am going to try for a nap...Maybe when I wake up he'll have learned to talk well enough that he will lose the 'Unca Molzart'

Do I look like a mole??

23 December 2007

Gee, thanks Santa!

People says Santa (who's Santa?) came early. HMPH!

But I feel better now about my 'present' that this Santa guy dropped off five days ago. It took me three days to stop hissing and growling at it. Can you guess what I got for Christmas?

It took two more days before I would play with my Christmas present.

But I did, I am, I will. Have you guessed yet?

It needs a name.

People keeps asking me what it's name is, but she doesn't listen, so People will have to work really hard to come up with our kitten's real name by Christmas.

But I still think Santa should have brought the kitten In, instead of dropping him off in the front yard at O Dark Thirty on a cold, wet, and windy North Georgia morning. (Maybe I don't like this Santa, after all, if he thinks it is OK to drop off Christmas presents that are teeny tiny little black and white kittens with their tails two thirds cut off-that's right, this little guy came with a stub!)

People brought him in, chucked him in the bathroom, left him some of my food and water, and my baby litter box. (HMPHH!).I was NOT happy!

She told me he was just wandering around the front yard squalling at the top of his lungs (I knew that-I'd been listening to the brat for two hours at least!) and she couldn't leave him out there alone at 0500, could she? I was not happy!

This little guy squalled all day while while People was gone. I was not happy.

People came home from hunting and told me that she would find him a home, honest. I was NOT happy!

She put him in my damn carrier for the night. I was not happy!

I was not happy the next day, or night. People said she was having a little trouble finding someone to take him. I was kinda surprised, 'cuz he is pretty cute.

I got kinda curious the third day, and I talked to him. He said he had peoples, but they thought kittens should be Out, and they weren't very nice, 'coz they stepped on his tail, and it fell off, but they still put him Out.

People said that she heard from one of the neighbours that the other neighbours up the hill on the other side had a kitten go missing that had lost his tail as a really little kitten after they stepped on it. They put it Out when the bleeding stopped. They said they don't want him back, if he is still alive. They think a wolf got him.

I know those peoples, they aren't very nice to cats. So I think I know Kitten's mom. She isn't too bad, but she and I fought alot when I was still Out, mostly for food. Especially after People started putting food out for me. Well, all the cats, but I decided it was for me. While I was still Out.

OK, so last night I decided I might like the kitten after all.

Today People let him out of the damn carrier.

And we've been playing ever since. He doesn't understand that I need naps, and he doesn't take naps (??!), so People took him on her lap while I blog.

But I am done blogging about my Christmas present-Gotta Go, I've got a Kitten to name!

And teach to use the litter box, and not get on Mozart's sofa, or in Mozart's special toys-but I did take him one toy to play with last night, that's how People knew it might be safe to let him out of the damn carrier. I gotta teach him all kinds of things!

I, Mozart, am now Uncle Mozart!

14 December 2007

Good and not so good news...

It is now as official as can be without a pedigree-I, Mozart, am a Maine Coon cat. I coulda told her, but People has listening to Mozart issues.

Ever since I moved into People's house, I have had a chronic sneeze. People started smoking outside because she thought it was causing my sneeze.

(Here's the not so good news.) People consulted with the V.E.T. who did some tests, and because he really really likes Mozart, did some Googling and other research. He had People bring me back into his stick Mozart with pointy things place so he could see if I have the 'M' on my furhead and the tufty ear things, and then he did the test that told him I am most likely a Maine Coon cat, and I have cardiomyopathy.

(People is a British peoples, although she was borned in America, and lives in America, and gave up her dual citizenship a long time ago. People has an interesting story too.)

V.E.T. says if any peoples can keep me going with a sound quality of life, it is my peoples, People.

This is so not the end of my story! But it is a good middle place in my story. I am warm-but not too warm. I am fed-but not too well fed. I have fun exercize-but not the stressful kind I had when I was still Out. And I have People.

See, I knew I needed to be In!

In Is Better!

Especially for Maine Coon cats with the cardiomyopathy (that a responsible breeder would have ensured I didn't get borned with).

And now the V.E.T. and People know that I am a lot younger cat than they thought. When the V.E.T. read my shelter chip he thought there had to be something he called a clerical error, coz I am so big, so I couldn't be that young.

I, Mozart, am a BIG kitten-I am not even a year old! I will be one years old at the end of something called January.

Woo-Hoo, my really First Christmas!

OH NO!! Will having this cardiomyopathy thing mean I won't get as big a piece of Christmas dinner as I did the Thanksgiving Day one?? HMPHH!

Still, In Is Better! WOO HOO!!