24 August 2008

People got an attitude adjustment. We think.

Her hunting place is improving and she is happier, but she is not very good about coming online, and we have been working on her for days and weeks. 'coz we need to blog, ya know!

She also needs to drop off that roll of film, hmmmm, will she? She has been very frugal and has been keeping busy clearing out the clutter instead of doing more important things like shopping for Gonzo and Mozart prezzies!

Lately People has been talking about something called Fung Schway which she also calls Hong Kong Fooey. So I got Gonzo to Google it (why should I when Gonzo gets such a kick out of it and is truthfully much better with search engines than me or even People, who has boolean search down to a science!).

Holy Moly! People has been moving things (we like the new arrangements, it 'feels' better, so maybe this Hong Kong Fooey stuff isn't so fooey after all) and cleaning things and sprucing things and meditating in between.

Now, as Cats, we certainly understand meditation, and have spent many pleasurable afternoons meditating with People. We have even learned that she doesn't so much fall asleep as she goes very, very deep. Which means we should not attempt to get her back on track by sticking our whiskery faces under her nose to make sure she is still breathing because People still thinks it acceptable to give Kitty Flying Lessons when her, ah, concentration is broken...

The only prezzie she has got me, er, us, in the past few months is a box that the new microwave came out of. Hmph.

Gonzo has lost his fascination for CNBC and is now into HGTV as he tries to understand why People locks us in the bedroom when she is doing winterizing (a new term learned from HGTV). It has helped too that she showed us something from another cat blog about some kittens who got into spray foam insulation-People doesn't need to lock me up, when I see her pulling out the tool boxes I go straight to the bedroom and get under the bed!

Gonzo however is the fiercest older kitten I have ever known, and I wonder at it because I was Out much longer than he was, but he will fight-really fight-over a scrap of anything, food, toy, dust bunny...so he just HAS to get into everything to see if he would be able to play with it or eat it or both.

He will be one years old on 5 November, I will be THREE-hehe, the vets read my chip wrong, HAHAHAHAHA-in January! Interesting what 1 little number being misread will bring up:)

Also, I have been declassified as both terminally ill and a Maine Coon-WOOHOO!! Well, happy-happy-joy-joy on the not gonna die next week thing anyway, I rather enjoyed being a Maine Coon Cat if only for a short while.

Turns out I am just a huge Ginger-ordinary-regular-nothing special ('cept to People and my friends) Cat. And I am huge, pushing twenty solid packed pounds, me:) No fat on me, Kats, just 18 pounds of big healthy Cat-Yea for me and for People who didn't like the new vet so she is now the old vet and I have a great new vet who thinks I am pretty special 'coz I managed to get myself through being abandoned TWICE, and living through the trials of being Out for nearly two years on my own.

I was born in a people's house, dumped at the shelter, neutered, adopted then taken back to the shelter then adopted AGAIN and then abandoned in the middle of winter by People's neighbour.

Then I picked People, and I have been safe since April 1st 2007. But I am a little weird because of everything, and only People and peoples like her could make me feel safe-I've got some strange habits. Like I didn't know what water was if it was in a clean bowl and not in a mud puddle or thrown out cup, and I'm just not really big on being held (oh, Gonzo loves being held-go figure!), and when People gives us meat scraps Gonzo will go all feral acting (the faker, how long was he Out, a whole week maybe??) and he'll steal mine, which doesn't bother me at all. BUT let him get near my sourdough bread crust and I will tear him from one end of the tin shack to the other!

So People figures I must have been eating out of the trash bin alot, and since bread was mostly what ends up in that bin (People looked, she wanted to see what I would have been getting back in the day), she feels I must have a bread thing as my particular 'comfort food'. Suits me, keep it coming, People! She did buy a damn stainless steel breadbox to keep me out of the bread. Dammit.

Regarding the heart thing, the new-new vet (who has his head screwed on very straight since he says I do not have to take that stoopid medicine for now) says I am fine and he thinks the reason everyone thought I had heart problems was because I was so scrawny when People took me in and it did kinda make me sick, and when they looked at me they could tell I was underweight for my bone size and my coat was in such bad shape that it stuck out...well, it all combined to confuse two vets, but I am fine now, and that is what counts.

OK, People and Dr. Dave are gonna keep a watch on me 'coz I did have those problems, but Dr. Dave says I should be fine and we all just have to pay attention, which is not a problem in my mind as long as I don't have to have that stoopid medicine gunk!

Gonzo would blog a bit but he is helping People wash the curtains-he is taking them down for her, lol, and she is putting them in the washer because they were a little dusty. I know he knows what he is doing because he only jumps up and get the tension rods to drop when the washing machine thingie stops.

That Gonzo! Two Thursday (we have been learning the calendar while People tries to figure out what was happening to me while I was Out) nights ago he found a great big scorpion in the bathtub! People almost fainted because little Gonzo (he is bigger now, but only weighs 'bout eight or nine pounds, so to me and compared to me, he is still 'little') would NOT get outta there and was trying very hard to get himself a whopping does of scorpion venom, but People grabbed him out, slammed the bathroom door and pounded that damn scorpion into the bathtub floor-eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww, she had to throw several Clorox wipe over the mess, pull on three pairs of disposable gloves AND wrap her hands in several plastic bags before she could bring herself to get it up, very nasty and acrid (I love learning new words) pulp mess, yuck.

Well, that is the latest on our Adventures, hope People will let us catch up on yours!

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