13 June 2008


People gets poor little Gonzo all excited about his chance to perhaps display Picasso like artistic talent (and me a bit enthusiastic about watching the little brat get up to his gonzo antics:) and then she locks him in the bedroom!

Poor Gonzo! He didn't get a paw near any paint this past weekend, and People is puttering around pleased as I've ever seen her about the private little Adventures In Remodeling she enjoyed sans Gonzo's assistance.

In part, she tells disappointed young Gonzo, he brought it on himself when he tried to help her apply foam insulation Friday evening.

In part she got the idea from one of the comments.

And yes, I, Mozart was also banished right along with Mr. Curiosity.


I gave up painting the last time. But Gonzo really enjoyed it. He spent a lot of time letting the paint dry on his paw while watching the marks he made on the floor dry.

Being the strange little fellow that he is, he did not mind at all when People washed his paw in the kitchen sink, oh hell no, he jumped up and got in the sink as soon as People left for Hunting. He is trying to turn the water on, and if People gets the new tap she is admiring on the Lowes site, he will have the water on all day while she is Out...the knobs so far have defeated Gonzo, but the lever will be (pardon not the pun:) will be a push-over for him, LOL! (And you thought Gonzo was the only hip one around here!)

Now, our little Gonzo knows how to pull the TV Remote out of the basket People keeps it in so she doesn't sit on it and drain the magical power source she calls batteries.

Grand Master Gonzo knows how to turn on the TV because through experimenting he has determined the location of The On Button!

And, (drum roll...wait for it...) he knows which is The Scroll Button!

So he knows that if he pulls the Remote out of the basket and nudges it to the same spot on the sofa and steps on The On Button and then steps on and off The Scroll Button, he can finally arrive at CNBC.

I ask you, what can he find so interesting on CNBC? Not to denigrate the channel, but People doesn't watch it, why does he??

Because there is more to our young Gonzo than txt tlk & painting. Hmmm


Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

Yay, you're back!! We missed you guys!! We hopes your People's huntin' situation gets better.
Try to stay cool, and definitely hide from the loud thunders.
We're wonderin' too why Gonzo always likes to watch CNBC...

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hmm, CNBC you say...maybe he is a poor news junkie. Dude, he really need a hobby besides watching dat crap. Have you sat him down in front of a window to watch birds and skwerrels (and of course, crazy naybors, cuz effuryone has at least one)?

Quasi said...

Hmm is right. Gonzo's skill set is pretty impressive AND pretty freaky. BTW, perhaps next time the woman paints, even though you can't be with her, you can shoot some furs on the wall before the paint is dry.

THE ZOO said...

maybe Gonzos tryin ta be all smart an stuff. watch owt he'll be watching nancy grace soon, callin in.
we cant beliefe wiff all of us when tha peeps painted none of us was efun interested.

Quasi said...

He certainly isn't technology-challenged, is he? He and you might enjoy listening to my new iMix, "Quasi's Cool Cat iMix." It's on iTunes and Gonzo can probably get to that site from the computer. If your beans don't have iTunes, a song list is available on my blog at theworldisyourlitterbox.blogspot.com. Enjoy!

THE ZOO said...

we gafe yall an award. stop by ta get it.

Tiger Lily said...

Smart boy! We did not think CNBC was interesting at all until all that sports stuff came on.


prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and tail wags,
Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

The Cat Realm said...

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I hope you will accept the challenge and will eagerly await your entry!