07 September 2008

People's noise is still ringing in my ears! But the minute I heard her putting away the damn toolboxes I could not wait to get out from under the bed and tell her what ELSE I heard while I was under the bed.

(I do not like tool boxes. Tool boxes are vastly over rated.)

It took until this morning-four long mornings and nights of me and Gonzo going bonkos while standing just over the spot where they had their little nest (People can be a bit thick) but she finally got it and she lured them out from under the house this morning.

Good thing too, because the man peoples are coming next weekend to raise and level the Tin Shack. I heard them saying they would put new and stronger screens in the vents-TO KEEP THE CRITTERS OUT!!


Gonzo and I got to look at them this morning through the window, and I have to say that even I was touched by the cute little kittens, and that now that I know why their mother has been begging at the back door, I can't begrudge her a share of our food. Pretty much. As long as People keeps the canister full.

The best part is that People told one of our neighbours (who is going to take one of the kittens) that as soon as she can get the whole litter and their mom to trust us, she is going to carry the lot to Dr. Dave, who is going to give her a good deal on spaying/neutering (poor Kittens and Mom), stabs, (POOR KITTENS and MOM!) and wormey gack (POOR, POOR KITTENS and MOM!!).

Now, I have known the mom cat for a long time, and she is OK except she fights too good and I had a really hard time running her off back when we were both OUT and hungry, and People was feeding us while taking care of Gator the woofie in his last days.

That mom cat has been hanging around since I came In and People sometimes gives her some of mine and Gonzo's food-HMPH!

People and the neighbours call her Bandit (good reason there, too) and she is always about to have another litter. So I guess it is a good thing Dr. Dave is going to fix her so she doesn't ever have to worry about being able to feed her kittens because she won't be having any anymore.

But, GULP, is People gonna move her in here?! Can't we keep the little tortise shell one?? Can't we find Bandit another In place??



Tiger Lily said...

Hi Mozart and Gonzo! All our people can be thick-headed sometimes. You did a good thing letting your People know about your visitors.

I can tell you from personal experience that torties are just a little bit nuts. Ruckus attacks me at least once every day no matter what I am doing. But sometimes I am glad she is here and I am think you would be glad to have a little kitten to play with again. Anyway I hope you get to keep the tortie and that Bandit finds another great forever home.

Smeagol and Strider (Mystery and Gizmo too!) said...

Wow, we are just gettin' caught up on all of your news!! A scorpion, and kittens, and a new-new v-e-t who says you don't haves to take that yucky medicine!! Lots goin' on for you and Gonzo and People!!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Wowie kazowie...more kitties. Kittens are fun when mom is fostering dem but only cuz dey don't stay here!