27 September 2008

Hi efurbody! It's Me, Gonzo!

Unca Molzart is still under the bed-wait till he sees what People and the peoples have been up to!

We're having anothur "Abenchurs in Remodeling" weekend, and Peeps has ben BIZZY! We gots a freezer (mo' inna mo) and People got some of her people friends over to get the kitchen (finally!) back inna kitchen kinda shape.

They're all takin' a break 'coz it's People's friends' grand-daughter's third birfday. AND, Peeps left the CPU running so I am blogging::)) (Like I don't know how to turn on a monitor, really?)

We live in The Tin Shack on a North Georgia Mountain Side" so it ain't like we gots lottsa room here, but Peeps is pullin' it off!

They tore down the little bedroom wall next to the kitchen, built a wide doorway, left the wall between the former little bedroom and the hallway from the kitchen, so Peeps put the new freezer in the hall where it opens into the kitchen-smart People. Her contractor friend put two really nice (but not perfect or Me Gonzo, and him Molzart would be able to get up there!) shelves across the hallway over the freezer! Now Peeps has the fast food maker (yeah, whatever, Unca Molzart sez it's really called a "Microwave") on the first shelf, and her favorite cookbooks on the top one.

They putted the washing machine and dryer (mmmmm, dryer; last winter I couldn't wait to get big enuff to get up there!) where the little bedroom was, and shelves, and a hooky fing for Peeps to hang her jackets. (Which if Peeps had fur she wouldn't need, but oh well.)

When they come back frum the birfday party they is gonna finish the shelves AND put some shelves in the bafroom!

Now, mo' 'bout the freezer, and akchuly, mo' 'bout my TV preferenceseses.

1st a little background...People gots me, and Unca Molzart, and she gots two kittens, I mean people babies, but they is weaned and on their own.

Meaning Me and Unca Molzart ain't met 'em yet, an' meybe we won't never 'cuz People gots stoooopid kittens, I mean weaned people babies.

These stooopid people babies won't talk to their People, I mean Mom! (It happens, I've hurd, but I woodn't know 'cuz my mom an' me got aparted when the mean peoples threw us Out when I wuz a kitten. I wish I could see her, but I don't really fink that will happen.)

They are mad at her for being married to Crusty. (That's wot they all call People's Ex. I learned wot an Ex is from TV. I don't fink all Ex peoples are bad, but mostly they are. I fink.) And I fink that is really 2 bad, 'cuz hard fings are happening, and they are gonna need their mother.

People babies always need their mother, and I fink meybe that is a good fing. People sez "Hope Floats" and she is planning to be able to help her people babies if they efur show up.

Now, I like TV, a kit can learn lottsa stuff that is impornant if you live in a people's house. I like Sesame Street 'cuz I am learning to read and how nice peoples act.

But, sum of TV is scary, even if, and meybe especially if, it is impornant stuff like wot is happening in Really Far-Off Places called "The Middle East" and "Wall Street", and wot is happening with the Econonominy and who is gonna be Top Cat, I mean President.

Bottom line is (I learned that watching Tim Russert. I miss him. People sez he went to Heaven.) Bottom line is, fings ain't good in hunting places for all kinds of peoples, not just our People, and fings are getting wurs-People looks really worried about getting sumfing stinky-nasty called Gasoline that she puts in her fing called a car that I don't like even if we do get to go places init.

She needs the Gasoline to get to her Hunting Place, where she hunts The Green Papers peoples call Money. The Money is wot she takes to the people food hunting place called The Grocery, and she trades it fur Food.

OK, she takes The Money to lottsa places and trades it fur lottsa fings-my persunal favorite is the Paper Place, 'cuz she gets that stuff that I usta play with in the bafroom until she figgured out I wood not "out-grow" doing, so now she shuts the door when she goes to the Hunting Place.

People and the peoples were talking while they worked on the Tin Shack, and they are gonna get five gallon Gasoline cans. GOOD! If this Gasoline is so impornant, they will need to keep it around, 'cuz CnnMoney sez the shortages are gonna continue, and Me Gonzo persunally finks it will last at least thru the winter.

OK, now People keeps this to herself mostly, but she visits this site about Peak Oil, and the peoples on there have been predicting this Gasoline problem fur a long time.

Those peoples also predict that with Gasoline shortages will come (YIKES) food shortages-if the giant cars called trucks can't get Gasoline, the giant cars called trucks can't bring the food.

So People broke down and traded wot is pretty much her total saved up Green Papers, I mean Money, for a five cubic foot freezer.

And once she showed the neighburs the Peak Oil site, they got together in People's house and decided to form a community.

Nuffink is purrfect, but they have a good start. People sez nuffink is carved in stone, so peoples don't have to feel pressured-she sez "We are NOT going Socialist!" (I gotta find out wot "Socialist" is!)

People is trading Halloween (my furst, I am soooo excited-People sez I am a purrfect Halloween cat 'cuz I am after all a Tuxie-I've been practicing sitting in the kichen window next to the electric pumpkin) costume sewing fur the neighbur kittens, I mean people babies. She is gonna be making all of the people babies winter clothes, too, to trade back fur all the help getting the house finished before fings get bad or cold. (Cold IS bad.)

She is also agreeing to do other fings, like help with fall and winter gardens, running pick-ups at the Medicine place on her way home from the Hunting Place, helping with neighburs "Abenchurs in Remodeling", and other stuff like Neighburhood Watch.

The peoples are all trading wot they have and know wiff each ofur-ain't no peoples gonna sit back and watch another peoples garden or clothesline get robbed, house get broked open and all the Food stolen, babies be cold in the winter, peoples not being able to get Gasoline to go to their Hunting Places, live wiff broken stuff, or be hungry.

Oh yeah, they are catching all the Ferals and getting them to the V.E.T for shots, deworming, and (gasp!) somfing they said is "Selective Sterilization" 'cuz they know ya gotta have sum kittens! They are keeping some of the Ferals that want to be In, and building shelters for the ones who don't wanna be In. The peoples figgur if they take care of the Ferals the Ferals will hang around and keep the rodents off.

People sez during Hard Times rodents can kill off nearly an entire population with Plague. She's right, I saw that on The History Channel. No rodents mean safe water, safe food, no frees, I mean fleas, means no nasty population killing.

People can be scary sumtimes. But she is right. Unca Molzart sez he really doesn't know how he survivied being Out 'cuz he was sick and there4 weak. He wuz sick 'cuz he couldn't get to a V.E.T or live in a safe warm house and eat good healthy food.

I learned about the conection between sumfing called Pofurty and unstable populations on C-Spann, and how if peoples come together in communitites, the efex of Pofurty is lessened. The peoples work together, and they share food, shelter, and other fings called resources (like wot they have and know), and peoples aren't as hungry, or sick, or scared.

It's a start.

I'm tired, and need a nap. Bye!


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh yeah Gonzo, sharing is great. Some of da beans in our nayborhood are new and are suspishus of all da other frendly beans here. But mom still shares stuff wif other naybors dat been here awhile. Winters here are really cold so one lady makes nice cozy blankets and another makes swetters and mom makes something called lap warmers and dey share dem.

Quasi said...

Wow, that's wonderful that your beans are doing all of that! Now, they haven't been so busy that they've been late with your dinner, now, have they?

Kaz's Cats said...

G'day Gonzo, you're really growing up little guy - that's a great big post for you to write all on your own. We're glad that things are looking better for your people - and it's great that other people are getting together with her and they're all sharing.


Gypsy & Tasha

THE ZOO said...

Hi GOnzo. itz nise yur mom gotted a freezer and iz remodeling.
we hafe a freezer and luf it. ivory has a bed on top of it wiff her blankie. yoo might hafe seen tha pic on owr blog of bladeo layin on it. theys comfy.

were really hopin eferyfing werks itself owt.
sissy swallows crow at werk wiff a smile because it pays gud green papers efun though its kinda far and she wants ta be kloser ta home. tha momma has a city job so shes safe hopefully there. we had tha gas shortage here but itz all back now and gas iz goin down sum (though owr sissy wants ta see it under $3.00) and we heard atlantas in tha $2 + range.
efun though we no speaked to tha boy (moms son sissys brofur he be rude ta momma since he get married acause his wifey lyk their dads wife more than owr momma) sissy does werk at tha same company as him so she tries ta discreetly keep tabs on him. we mad at him but we dont want him ta suffer.

we hope all goes well for yall wiff tha remodeling.