23 March 2008

Happy Easter to everyone, I hope your peoples got the Easter Bunny to leave you great baskets!

People got the EB to leave us some nice treats and new toys, we are very happy to have had the unexpected treats-I'll post the pictures as soon as People gets the CVS guy to do the films.

Gonzo is very nearly back to himself and is running me ragged. Thank-Nubis and Bast!

People is trying to find a new hunting place but I think she is going to have a hard time. Gonzo has figured out how to turn on the TV (and switch the channels around) while People is at her hunting place and for some reason the brat likes to watch the financial news channels!

So day in day out lately I've had to listen to scared, angry, and lying (as you all know, cats can tell when peoples are lying) peoples talk about this thing called the recession.

I have complete faith in People as does Gonzo, but this thing they call money is a concern to People, and she is trying to cut back where she can.

She promises the 'Net will be the last to go, and Gonzo was relieved because that means he'll be able to watch CNBC; she isn't going to cut back on our food, but she says we'll have to make our Easter prezzies last...

Purrs going out to all cats whose peoples are facing similar.

12 March 2008

Gonzo had gone and got himself an URI, and we've had quite the time of it the last week and a half.

Right now the brat is ensconced on People's lap, wrapped in a Snugli, and when he wakes up, looks quite pleased with his own self.


I've endured much in my short life, but the pampering that little furball is getting is really nearly too much.

First of all, we had to endure another nasty ride in the damn cat carriers to the V.E.T., and I for one would like to know why I, Mozart had to go along!

I would also like to know I have to be stabbed over and again, while the brat lay listlessly in the arms of all three of the damn V.E.T. techs being cooed over while I, Mozart was the suffering one.

(Well, and People, who said we were all going to end up living in the car if we didn't stop having Abandonded Kitty Health Issues-where would she put the cat box?)

AAAAACK! If I hear one more people fall all over themselves in the race to hold the "Poor Baby!" I think I will have to bite or scratch someone.

Thankfully, People knows cats, and she made it clear to me that I, Mozart, am The Cat; really, she is quite fair in her snuggle giving. And OK, when either People or myself hears poor little Gonzo sneeze, cough, or mewl in that weak voice he's had the last week or so, well, don't we both go running to check him? Which leads me to another...


By the time Gonzo is all better (and really, although he looked awful-felt awful and scared People and me silly, he is going to be fine. Brat is getting better every single day, thank Nubis and Bast, and OK, People's God guy), he is going to be SPOILED!!

And truth be told, Gonzo was getting pretty spoiled before he got the stupid cold. Wait, don't believe me? Lemme find that picture of the little model-HE POSES!


See what I mean? But wait, there is more-that brat is mighty proud of his baby blues!

OH! Gotta go, Brat is awake, and tottering toward the food bowl. I have to make sure he eats all his special food for sick little brat kittens. And then I will make sure People gives him his special juice for sick little brat kittens-my personal favorite part, 'cuz People takes this longgggggggg plastic tube, and wraps Brat in an extra thick towel, and puts on what she calls "Hawk Gloves" (People knows some scary birdeys that I, Mozart hope never to see again!) and then she....

01 March 2008

People is in a reeeeeeeeally bad mood right now. Somebody named Blondie turned in her resignation (wot's a resignation?) after taking People's favorite hunting, I mean work, function three weeks ago, and going to the training People was supposed to go to until Blondie took her hunt, I mean work, away. People is maddest because this Blondie told lies that People wasn't doing the work right, but all of the vendors (wot's a vendor?) People worked with called the bigger boss and told them they needed People instead of Blondie because Blondie is an idiot who can't even send a fax right (wot's a fax?).

People should have clawed Blondie's eyeballs out. Cats know how to deal with problems.

Now People is going to come back behind the loop on the new system, and she is not happy.

People says last week peoples she works with were avoiding her in the halls, but Friday after this Blondie gave her notice all of a sudden the peoples talked to her.

People says she took names during the freeze-out, but that she is not a vindictive People. But People says now she knows who believes lies instead of the hard hunting, I mean work, People had been doing for two years!

Peepole sez HMPH!! (Gonzo sez it's not fair that Unca Molzart sez this is all I get to type today. HUMPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

Gonzo and I say People really can be too nice. She shudda clawed Blondie's eyeball out, or at least notched her ear.

Cats know things. I, Mozart know that I personally do not like this Blondie because she is People's boss, and she made People stop working any overtime, so we don't get any dangly things, or fluttery things very often any more. Maybe I Mozart should claw, never mind.

Cats know things. Like how to deal with interlopers (that are not cute little stubby tailed kittens a week before Christmas, I think that is a rule.), and how to look good in pictures:) Yup, People finally figured out how to focus and how to use the red-eye. Now all we have to do is teach her how to frame shots better.