25 November 2010





Trip to our new home-sucky. he made us stay in the damn carrier the whole way. At least he was smart enough to put us in one carrier, he does listen to People, LOL!

It was very easy to say good-bye and good-luck to the codgie, she's staying with the foster-mom. Ick, she made BFF with the foster-mom's Dachshund (what a weird looking codgie, at least Gracie was ok to look at). We loaded up, and settled in for the trip, but Fox was so worried about us getting out of the car during stops he made us stay in the damn carrier. Then he made us stay in the damn bedroom for two days. Then he let us out of the damn bedroom, and now we are happy.

Except he doesn't have a computer??!! WOT?? He's got a PS3, why doesn't he have a computer??!! Luckily one of the many young ladies who visit left her laptop open, or I wouldn't be able to update all of you that Gozita and I are settled in. She's happy, he's got cable and she can catch up on Bloomberg TV. But no computer, so I, Mozart, could be lots happier. Hmph.

Dear Father Christmas, please tell People her stoopid son is OK but he needs to bring us more food from his hunting place (of course cats can eat cannelloni, d'uh!), and that he needs to get us a computer. And he needs to hook-up the web-cam so we can see People.

Hmph. Oh yeah, I've been a very good cat, and so has Gonzita.


THE ZOO said...

Happy Fanksgifing. were glad yall iz in yur new home.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Glad you are settling in to your new home. But no computer? Come on, Fox. Catch up to the 90's, at least.

Keep on being good kitties, both of you. But not TOO good a kitties.