17 November 2010

People and Paul have suggested we go to live with Fox, and I, Mozart, think that is a very good idea!

Fox, readers may recall, is the son of People (also known as Fox's Mom), and has been absent from People's life for a very long time. But last night he and People talked for a long time on the telephone, and things are worked out between them-Fox is going over to Scotland sometime this next Spring or Summer to meet his new step-father.

So, we are probably going to live in Fox's house in South Eats Alabama. I, Mozart, favour this idea highly because Fox is head chef at a Five-Star restaurant. YUM!

Gonzo is happy because she doesn't have to get more stabs, and then spend 22+ hours in the cargo hold of an airplane, then learn a whole new language. OK, I, Mozart, am happy for the same reason, but mostly the food, and I think I will really like living at Fox's house.

People is happy because she trusts Fox will be a good people for us to live with, and we will be still part of her life. People is not too happy because she will miss us, and because Fox rarely updates his FaceBook page (WOT??!!) and so she knows he will prolly not be too good about making sure I, Mozart, get to update my, erm, our blog. WOT???!!!

Hmph. We'll see about that!


THE ZOO said...

well were glad you guys are gonna be going to a home soon and your momma can still keep tabs on you two.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Mozart, we do hope you and Gonzo have made it clear to Fox that he WILL help you with your blog!

A couple kitties sitting there grooming on every table in that restraunt would probably get Fox's (and People's) attention.

Hope things work out for you all.