18 March 2012

Dear Mum (Hiya Dad!), Her FINALLY left the laptop where I could get me claws on it, so I did a Google search to find this small token of my esteem on this special day. I know you're not my fur mum, but you are my FUREVER MUM, and I wanted to say:


Love always, your lad, Roo


Roos Mum said...

Aww Roo, what a lovely suprise. That is so sweet, and I thank you for it. xx

I hope you are keeping well and not getting up to too much mischief.

Your Dad has finally pulled his finger out, and got me to list all of the old motorbikes today, as I finally convinced him that we wouldn't be taking the all with us. Only two will be going with us when we move.

We've almost finished decorating the house, just a little bit of gloss work to do. I've bought a VAX and cleaned all the carpets.

It was funny, your Dad & I decided to get rid of most of the furniture, as it would cost so much to take everything with us, and in the long run we know the charity shops in Devon have lovely furniture. We got rid of the dining room table & chairs and two sofas. Then I spotted that our next door neighbour was getting rid of a cream leather three piece suite with matching footstall, so we're almost back to square one, and will still need a 7 1/2 tonne lorry.

I'm getting impatient to get down to Devon to look at houses, we're also looking just across the border in Cornwall - but now won't be getting away for at least another ten days, unless all the bikes sell before the auctions end.

Let your foster mum know that on Facebook there is a club I've joined called "The Fortful Filosofurs Club, for Cats who like to fink about evryfing." We do have such a laugh on there, and all of the beans have at least one furbaby.

I'd better close for now, as I've an email to reply to about one of the bikes.

Until later, take care my little man.

Lots of love from Mum & Dad xxxx

Fox's Mom said...

Dear Mum, Him won't let Her join any FaceBook stuff, Him says it's the one thing He calls a deal breaker.

Miss you Mum, (sniffle), I'll be so glad when everything is settled and I'm claiming my new terrortory. Erm, I meant getting to know my fur-sibs.

Love always, your Roo!

Roos Mum said...

Your Dad & I miss you so much, and will be pleased to get you home with us.

I'm hoping you'll settle in with your fur sisters & fur brother without too many problems? A friend has suggested I get some Felliway which come as plug ins and also as an air spray. It's supposed to keep the atmosphere calm for furbabies.

I'll use the spray one in the car when we move down, as I don't think I can handle Smudge, Dinkie & Shadow hollering for 2oo+ miles.

When we find our new furever home I'll plug a few of the units in the lounge/kitchen/conservatory & bedroom. I'll try anything to keep the peace and don't really want to see you fighting among yourselves to sort out the pecking order, you're all equal in my eyes.

I think your Dad & I will be going down to Devon next week sometime for a couple of weeks, and some serious house hunting will begin. It's alright looking at them on the InnerWeb, but you can't really get a feel for the area or neighbours from a picture.

Rick & Sue have been advising on areas that we've looked at. Apparently some areas are ok about incomers, others aren't so nice.

I don't feel like an incomer after having the caravan for nearly 12 years. Maybe we won't be incomers.

Until we chat again my little man, take care of yourself & your foster parents.

Lots of love from Mum & Dad xxx

Roos Mum said...

Hello Roo,

We finally got down to the caravan last week, to register with the estate agents in Tavistock & find the area we would like to live in.

It was very strange in the caravan as there was a Roo shaped hole, no sneaky attacks on Dads feet & I didn't have my snuggle puss/bed warmer.

I think your Dad & I have decided on Horrabridge which is the west side of Dartmoor. It's within easy reach of Tavistock where we will buy the noms for all of us, and I know where all of the shops are.

A friend has suggested that I get some "Felliway" it's a plug-in that releases a calming cat hormone into the area. So I'll be getting a couple of those for the new house - in the hope there won't be too many fisticuffs (fights) between you and your fursisters & brother.

Smudge will be 19 next week, and proved he's still got what it takes, it was a lovely warm day so we had the french doors open, and your Dad forgot to shut the back gate, Alfie the neighbours dog decided he wanted to pop in to say hello. Smudge was sitting in the doorway enjoying the sun, when he was face to face with Alfie, the neighbours dog. Smudge gave no quarter, no warning yowl, Alfie got a very quick slap across the muzzle and put out the back gate double quick time by your Dad. I dread to think what could have happened if he'd got into the house, as Smudge and Shadow tend to be a pair when it comes to protecting their territory.

Our bungalow here will be going on the market next week, hopefully it wont take to long to sell, then it will be full steam ahead with getting the furniture into storage at Hatherley, and us with your fursisters & brother into the caravan until we buy our new home, and can have you back with us.

Living in the caravan with three furbabies is going to be an interesting situation as we've got to try to keep them all in, I think that's going to be a lot of fun NOT!

I understand your foster dad now calls you "Snooper" as you stick your nose into everything he's doing. I remember you was always looking at how to get up onto the shelf in the lounge with my ginger jars & eggs. Luckily, I always managed to stop you or I think there would have been a lot of broken ginger jars.

I know your foster parents are going to miss you big time when you come back to us, and I know they're going to get two furbaby kittens of their own. We are so looking forward to the day we are all reuntied.

Love to you always, Mum, Dad, Smudge, Shadow & Dinkie xxx

Roos Mum said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, we will be getting a log burner put in the new house - I might join you down there on the floor enjoying the heat lol

Fox's Mom said...

Hiya Mum! I'd post more on the blog but there just isn't much to say-I spend a lot of time pinging off the walls, climbing to the top of the cabinet in His study, and helping Her sew. Oh, and holding down the bed, which is what Her calls my sleeps. Whatever.

Other than that, The Warm was back and I thought that meant I could go home or at least outside. Humph, They have other ways of seeing things.

And now The Warm is gone again!! Yesterday whilst out on The Horrible I was pelted in the head with HUGE snow-ice balls, Mum, they wuz HUGE! It's time for The Warm, where is The Warm??!!

I will gladly wave good-bye to the fosters when the time comes but I think they are going to miss me something terrible. It has been very nice visiting them (except for The Horrible), I'll feel a very little bit sorry for them when I finally can come home and be with you, Dad, and me fur-sibs:)

Love always,

Your lad,


Roos Mum said...

Hello my darling Roo. Your Dad has sold 4 Motorbikes. The bungalow is on the market. We have seen some lovely houses in Devon that are for sale, but until this sells we are stuck. I'm hoping as it's a bungalow it will sell quickly, but we've only two viewings so far. Maybe it's because we've used an online site the age of the people that usually buy these aren't computer savvy. I've told your dad if it hasn't sold within the month, I want to get in touch with proper estate agents.

I had to take your sisfur da Dinkie to the vet last week as we thought she has a furball in her tummy. She WAS NOT impressed with what the v*t did to her, or the fact she had to have antibiotics twice a day. Shadow & Smudge are both fit as fiddles, although Smudge still misses my Mum and goes around the house shouting for her. A couple of nights a week I sleep in the single room to give him some company & your Dad some peace from my snoring lol. Your Dad let him sleep in our room on Saturday, and didn't even know he was there until he walked across the top of his head shouting he needed to go out - mol mol, but it was a 6.45am, so I opened the bedroom door and he went and got on his chair in the lounge.

I'm really looking forward to us being reunited as soon as we've got a new house sorted out in Devon, and hope it won't be too long.

Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Smudge, Shadow & da Dinkie xxx