28 October 2011

Dear Mum and Dad, hiya, it's Roo.

I am having a fair good time here in Scotland-They feed me OK (just the same things you fed me, Mum, but it doesn't taste as good as when you give it to me so I am only eating what I have to), and They keep my convenience tidy.

I don't want to complain, but I have to tell you that She has a strange notion of what the word "pressies' means. She went down to the shops this morning. She came back past my window:

She came inside and unpacked her grocery shop. I did not get any food.

I got:

A ball to chase.

A mousie to chew.

Don't worry Mum, it's a faboolus fake. The fur kinda tastes like mousie though, but the insides are hard and I like to chew on it even better than the cord to the heater. Uhm, that might be why She brought it home from the shops.

BUT THEN SHE PUT A HORRIBLE ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I did not like it:

I tried to rub it off but it will not rub off. They have to take it off for me. I did not like it, Mum and Dad, even though I did get to go outside whilst it was on me:

They have a lawn here and I looked at it through the fence:

But I hated having the Horrible on so much that I told Them to take me inside. When They did, and when They took off the Horrible, I went under the bed and did not play with my other pressies for a while because I was not happy at Her for bringing home the Horrible.

Mum, I think She is going to put the Horrible on me again. I think She will only let me go outside with the Horrible on. The neighbour came out with her little kittens, I mean little girls, and I heard her say that it's a very good idea to keep me safe until I go home with me Mum and Dad. So I will try to get used to the Horrible. But I don't like it.

Besides the Horrible, Scotland is actually rather nice, though I do miss my rabbit hunting (thanks, Dad, for sending Her the snaps):

But I don't think Him or Her is ever going to give me a chance to go rabbit hunting whilst I am on my Scottish Holiday. To quote Mozart, HMPH!

I am being a good boy just like you told me to, and am looking forward to being free, I mean going home to be with you. They are very nice (except They put Horribles on cats, that's not very nice), but I miss you very much.

Well, I will close this now and get on my bed by the wood stove in the bedroom. Him has lit a fire and it is very cosy in there.

Love Always,

Your lad Roo

PS-OH! @Camie's Kitties-thank you for the warm welcome! I think a Scottish Holiday (except for The Horrible) is a rather pleasant way to spend Winter, and I am glad to feel Mozart and Gonzo won't mind me borrowing their blogDOTspot to keep me Mum and Dad updated.

Mozart's People asked me to pass on the sad news that she likely will never know anything more about them after their new persons asked her to "let it go". It's very sad, that, and I hope They find the right cat to fill their home after I go back to me Mum and Dad's when The Warm comes back. Except for The Horrible, They are good cat persons, I can tell from the way They know how to Fuss me right and proper.


Jock said...

OMG, he really doesn't seem to appreciate that the Horrible is for his own good. - Cheer up Roo, I asked them to keep you safe for us. We wouldn't want to lose you up there in the mountains. xx Chris (Roos Mum)xx

Camie's Kitties said...

We are lucky - we don't have to wear the Horrible here, but then again, we also don't like to go outside. Our brothers at the bridge used to like going out, and had to wear the Horribles when they did, and they didn't like it much either.

Cody and Gracie

PS - Mozart's People, we are sad to hear that their new people wouldn't be thoughtful and update you once in a while as to how they are doing. We hope you do get another cat or two after Roo's holiday is over.

Anonymous said...

It's time to tell the story about the sausage :D

While Mum & Dad had left a window open for me to come & go as I pleased and for someone to come down and feed me twice a day while they were at their permanent home, I missed their company & fusses.

This particular evening (2.30am) I needed some company so took myself for a walk around the holiday park. I soon smelt sausages and found a tent I hadn't previously been in. So thought I'd be polite and introduce myself. BIG problem there was a dog in residence who showed immediately he didn't like cats, barking and causing such a fuss, I ended up showing my sharp claws and smacked him across the nose. During the kerfuffle his people woke up and started shouting, this woke up other people on the campsite including the site owner who came across to see what all the noise was about (the site is usually very quite, so the noise was unusual) - the sausage smell had led me into more trouble, I'd spotted where the sausages had been left, so grabbed them on the way out.

I'm pussona non gratia on the campsite now which is why The Horrible has been put on me, that way I won't be able to raid tents in the future when I go back to my Mum & Dad in the spring.