05 November 2011

Dear Mum and Dad, Her is finally letting me get a word in edgewise on teh Blog-O-Sphere. Sheesh, Her reads more than Him, and Him reads ALOT!

I have some piccies for you to admire, but first I want to show off my mad Copy&Paste skilz by bringing yer comment into the blog, Mum. I'm putting it a bold and italicised (stoopid SpelCheK spels Uhmerican, wut's up with that?!) highlight so's everyone will know it's a special quote from me Mum, telling my story in my words:

Roos Mum said...
It's time to tell the story about the sausage :D

While Mum & Dad had left a window open for me to come & go as I pleased and for someone to come down and feed me twice a day while they were at their permanent home, I missed their company & fusses.

This particular evening (2.30am) I needed some company so took myself for a walk around the holiday park. I soon smelt sausages and found a tent I hadn't previously been in. So thought I'd be polite and introduce myself. BIG problem there was a dog in residence who showed immediately he didn't like cats, barking and causing such a fuss, I ended up showing my sharp claws and smacked him across the nose. During the kerfuffle his people woke up and started shouting, this woke up other people on the campsite including the site owner who came across to see what all the noise was about (the site is usually very quite, so the noise was unusual) - the sausage smell had led me into more trouble, I'd spotted where the sausages had been left, so grabbed them on the way out.

I'm pussona non gratia on the campsite now which is why The Horrible has been put on me, that way I won't be able to raid tents in the future when I go back to my Mum & Dad in the spring.

November 4, 2011 7:56 AM

Yes Mum, I am being a fairly good Roo 'bout The Horrible. I suppose I really should learn how to wear it so that nobody at the holiday park ever accuses me of another sausage raid.

Her went to the library last week and got a book about helping cats get comfortable with The Horrible. I wouldn't do that for anyone else but you and Dad, Mum.

I would be mad at Her for making me go through this but yesterday when she came in from the dentist (and before she crawled miserably under the duvet until Him brought her some soup) she gave me this pressie she got for me while she was waiting for her bus. I like it, but don't tell Him that quite yet because I think Him is just a little bit jealous Her thought of it before Him did. (ROFLOL, last night I watched where Her put the wool shawl Her is working on after Her took me off of it even though it is a very nice Roo bed and I think Her should let me have it. Him saw me sleeping on it and didn't say anything to Her...)

It is a lot more fun than the picture shows, Mum and Dad. I can stick my paw through the top OR the side to get that inside ball. Someday I will get that ball. I like the springy outside ball, too, and like to make it spring.

Here is another picture, this one is of me holding Her down so Her doesn't float away while Her is hogging the InnerWebs. I want MY turn!

And here are my special pictures. I like to hide and wait for Them to ambush. This is one of my most magical hiding spots, Him never sees me, lol!

And I like waiting here, too-Her wears something Trifocals and so (Her says) Her never sees it coming:

And best of (but no piccies, maybe next time before The Hoard diminishes) is my own special corner in the kitchen where They store my Hoard. The hunting place called Tesco had an amazing offer on this week-BOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So They did, and I have 52 days of long range dated Whiskas pouches! Mum, I am a happy Kat that you and Dad sent with me with such good Foster Persons for the winter! I like to come and sit in the kitchen staring at my riches, it is a Good Thing.


Camie's Kitties said...

Roo, it sounds like you did find the right foster parents to winter with. We are glad that you have lots and lots of food. It's always good to not run out of food. We also really like your hiding places.

Cody and Gracie

Roos Mum said...

I see that you've taken up your favourite position of laying on top of legs, that way you're making sure that Foxes mum can't go anywhere without you noticing lol.

I hope that she will be able to post some of the photos of you that I sent her, showing how you made yourself quite comfortable whenever you got the chance, even if the bedding you chose wasn't quite meant for you.

I miss you cuddling up with your head on my shoulder to keep me warm under the duvet at night.

Hopefully it won't be long before we both see you again, as we hope to get up to Scotland sometime between Christmas and the New Year.

We're really missing you, and there is a huge furbaby size hole in our lives at the moment.

Lots of love Roo, from Mum & Dad xx

Roos Mum said...

It seems my lovely little man that you are well set up with plenty of your favourite food. treats & toys for the winter. However, stop trying to steal your foster mums shawl that she is trying to crochet. You have your Dad & My sweaters & your cushion from the caravan. We're all very lucky to have such good friends that were willing to look after you during the cold & closed season of the holiday park. I will send some photographs of your furbaby sisters in the near future. Shadow who at the moment is getting her winter coat and looks like a chocolate teddy bear & Dinky who is a little tortoishell madam, at least you'll know what they look like and hopefully be polite to them when you come home to us.