27 October 2011

Good morning, permit me to introduce myself, I am Roo'!

Short for Rooney, however I am neither Irish nor a footballer (although the dogs and rabbits where I've spent my life will beg to differ on that matter-remind me to tell you about the sausage raid sometime soon as well:)

I am a nearly six year old (but really, who's counting?) Burmese-Siamese cross recently removed from Devonshire where I was the scourge of the countryside, and the well loved unofficial King of the Caravans where I found me own true loves, Mum and Dad. Here's me in an ungaurded moment (although it doesn't show me in my full glory at all):

Now, I was bred and raised in Devon, first living with a set of Persons who frankly are complete pillocks. Suffice it to say that although they at first attended to my needs with some casual regularity, they permitted the younger members of the pride to perform certain acts of torture so unforgivable that I soon took myself off to the nearby holiday park and found myself new Persons-me Mum and Dad. To make a long story short this good morning, I shall leave it for another time and let it go by saying they are simply the best Persons EVER. They care for me very much and I've heard them say many times that when their 'old fellow' goes to the Bridge I shall make the journey to live with them near London, where I shall undoubtably be the King of those environs.

They've taken me back to my so-called first Persons several times and I have always gone in the front and out the back as quick as you can please, often making it back to the caravan park before they do.

However, while I may not be counting my years, they are. Mum and Dad decided I shouldn't spend another Devon winter essentially on my own-something to do with the sausage raid, no doubt. I really must tell you all about that, it ranks right up there with the agreement I have with the caravan park owner Person's dog-I get the rabbits and bring her the ears which are the only parts she really likes. I do so love a win-win:)

So. One day a week ago They arrived. They seem alright, and once I heard Her tell me Mum that they would simply give me a Scottish Winter Holiday and then bring me back when The Warm returns, I willingly permitted me Mum to put me into the Roo Transport atop the lovely little nest made up of two jumpers-one of me Mum's and one of me Dad's.

And we were away. Frankly I tell you motor car transport is not all that. Suffice it to say that I was glad to see the litter box upon arrival! No mean feat for a fellow used to going out the open window whenever the Call of Nature arises, I managed to make it over 600 miles without what She calls 'an accident'. I also managed not to leave those nice little puddles of sick I've heard the caravan furbabies talk about leaving their Persons during a travel.

Here is a snap of me in my Roo Transport. It wants improvement for the return to Devon. I shall have to speak to Her about it.

And now I have some exploring to do so I shall turn this over to Her and She will flesh out some of the details for you. I am looking forward to reading the Adventures of Mozart and Gonzo on HIs computer while She does. She misses them quite a lot, I heard Her tell Him that once She saw how much I love me Mum and Dad, She knew it was like Her with Mozart and Gonzo-they are my furever Persons and I rather think it is in Mozart and Gonzo's honour that She wants to give me a Scottish Holiday instead of a safe and warm for the rest of my life. She's quite right you know, I would have missed me Mum and Dad for the rest of me life, always keeping half an ear cocked for them to arrive to take me Home.


LOL, Roo' is an amazing cat. Very much a people person, yet his whole heart belongs to his Mum and Dad, so rather than chance another harsh winter in Devon, he will be spending this winter with us in Scotland.

Last winter his Mum and Dad followed their usual arrangement of having someone feed him twice a day, but this year the caravan park will be closed for a long slice of winter and they wanted to make sure he would have a 'safe&warm'. The winters seem to be getting worse every year all over the UK, and last year Roo' had a bit of too hard a time getting through until his folks returned. They are very much CatPeople, Roo' knew what he was doing when he fell in love with them, lol!

They have three cats at their year-round home and would take Roo' there in a half heartbeat if they weren't worried his arrival would immediately break the heart of a 18+year old fellow who has been their lad since he was six weeks old. Sadly, the old fellow is likely seeing his last Autumn.

Next Spring Paul and I will return Roo' to Devon to reunite him with his Mum and Dad, whereupon he will go home with them at the end of their Spring Holiday to meet his new fur-sisters.

Until then, I like to think Mozart and Gonzo will not mind him borrowing their blog space to keep his fans and admirers (of which he has more than a few, the sausage raid is only the latest in a long string of wonderful scrapes he's inspired the Devonshire countryside with!) up-to-date while he enjoys what we hope will be a lovely posh holiday for him.

We're thinking of taking him round to Glen Shee for the skiing, and perhaps we'll think about the Munro tour-I think he'd like to be able to say he's done all seven when he returns to Devon next spring, lol!


Jock said...

Glad to see Roo has settled. I thought he would as he is the most self confident cat around. Have you had the experience of the nose lick wake up call yet?

Jock (Roo's dad)

Camie's Kitties said...

We are so pleased to meet you Roo. It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful winter holiday. You can't go wrong with Mozart's and Gonzo's people.

Cody and Gracie

PS - Mozart's people, have you heard how Mozart and Gonzo are? We would love to hear an update if you have one.