04 December 2011

Hi, it's People here (Mozart's People), with some sad news. Roo's Mum has lost her mother today. She had recently been diagnosed with a serious illness and this morning it claimed her as she slept.

They are a large and close-knit family so Roo's Mum and Dad aren't alone. My prayers are with them.


Camie's Kitties said...

Please pass along our condolences to Roo's Mum and Dad.

Cody, Gracie and Mom - Tara

Fox's Mom said...

I will do, thank-you for thinking of them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tara - Camie's Kitties Mom for your kind thoughts. - We are now looking for a new home for us down in Devon, where the furbabies we have at home can be reunited with Roo - as it's neutral territory, we hope they will all get along just fine (fingers crossed) Until that happy day, I thank Fox's Mum for looking after Roo, and know from the phone calls we receive that he is loving his Scottish holiday :D xx