26 November 2011

Hooboy, some Fanksgiving. Hmph.

I've been reading Mozart's blog, ya see, and I have been reading other blogs on the InnerWebs, and so I was ready for Thanksgiving, wozn't I?! I figured what with Her being American and all...I've heard about Turkey And All The Trimmings, see, and I woz REALLY looking forward to it.

(Dear Mum and Dad, these Persons are as boring as it gets. Trust me.)

Maybe Him being Scottish cancels out Her being American? I dunno, Her talks a little funny but not that funny-she ALMOST sounds like the Persons sound where I'm from. Him sounds ALMOST like me Dad, so I know Him really is Scottish. But after what happened this Fanksgiving I mean Thanksgiving Day, I'm not entirely sure Her really is American, know what I mean?

Big woo-tee, Her spent all day out hunting (wait for it...) welly boots. With neo-preen lining, whatever that is. How many ways are there to preen, I'd like to know. Then Her gets home with the welly boots and I smelled 'em, and ya know, it's not neo-preened at all, it's some kinda rubber thingy sprayed inside the welly boots called "neoprene" and YOU CAN'T EAT IT!!!!

S'all good, I figured, "Now Her is gonna spend the rest of the afternoon putting the Turkey With All The Trimmings in the hot box and we are gonna eat like kings.


Her went into the workroom and started sewing Him another pair of pyjamas while watching some parade thingy on the laptop-SO I COULDN'T EVEN BLOG!

(But Him did light a fire in the workroom wood stove so I could lie in front of it...)

FINALLY Her went into the kitchen and...opened some tins. WOT?!

Him came in with a hot chicken from ASDA.

They ate the potatoes and the broccoli (yeah, they eat broccoli. Yech) and the chicken.

Hmph, even if I did get a nice portion of the chicken (which was pretty good really, I'm glad ASDA spent her day in the kitchen or we woulda starved), it WAS NOT TURKEY WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS and I personally think it should have been. Her said Her is gonna plan a REAL Thanksgiving dinner for next year. I'll be back with Mum and Dad and I wouldn't give that up even for the chance to have a real American Thanksgiving Dinner, so Her better pull out all the stops for Christmas!!!!!!!!

(PS Mum and Dad, ASDA can't bake a pie to save her life. Her said that was the worst apple pie Her ever had. I dunno, the ice cream was tasty, but yeah, the pie wasn't any where near all that. I helped wash up, so I got some and I think Her is right about ASDA not baking very good pies-luckily there was mostly ice cream to wash up but I washed up a little pie mixed in...)

After dinner They watched telly. Her does this thing called Crochet. Naturally it fascinates me, being as it something done with string and so I watched:

Very relaxing, this Crochet thingy. I helped by holding down the Crochet so it wouldn't escape:

Well, it's Windy and Cold. I'm glad I didn't have The Horrible practice today. I'm getting used to it, but I still don't like the way it feels wrapped around my middle.

There is Snow behind the Windy, I can smell it. Her says she can too, and Her is glad to have found the neoprene lined welly boots before it Snows. I think I'm glad I am In and not Out, because Snow is Cold.


In my next blog post I am going to share piccies me Mum and Dad sent, Her has them in a folder so I can post them with two paw clicks!


Camie's Kitties said...

Hi Roo,

We are sorry you didn't get any turkey - we didn't either, but Mom says there are some leftovers in the fridge, so we might get to sneak some of those. Mom doesn't let us hold down the crochet because we tend to like to play with the string at the same time she is. We figure if she gets to play with string, we should be able to as well. We hope your winter isn't too bad.

Cody and Gracie

PS - we know you hate the horrible, but maybe a Puppia
on would feel better to you

Fox's Mom said...

Hey, Cody and Gracie, thank-you for the link! I showed it to Her and Her said they have these in the pet store where she gets my clumping cat litter. Her and Him are going for a walk in a little bit and I think they will call in to buy one.

Re the Crochet, Her takes the string away if I get too wild with it but for the most part I just like to watch it move. Sometimes I try to hold it down with my paw and I like it when Her keeps Crocheting and the string moves through my claws, lol!

Anonymous said...

Hello my Roo baby, sorry we haven't been in touch recentlt, but we had very sad news down here in Essex, which I'm sure your foster parents told you about.

I'm really sorry we won't be able to get up to Scotland over the Christmas holidays.

I see you're helping your foster mum hold down her crochet, but I'm quite sure she could & would prefer to do it herself.

We hear that you've also slapped your foster dad for ignoring you when you wanted a fuss. He'd already given you lots of fusses, and was busy on the computer when you decided that you wanted more fussing, so you hit him with your paw to get his attention (I'm pleased there were no claws)

Your latest trick I hear is climbing up on top of the cabinet then crying because you can't get down? That's not even 5' foot high. Behave yourself young man, because I've seen you jump 8' down off the roof of the caravan! Even if you did prefer your dad to lift you down. (Lazy little furbaby lol)

We're missing you very much and will see you again as soon a possible.

Lots of love, Mum & Dad xxxx