25 December 2011

I think I will let the pictures of my Scottish Holiday Christmas Eve speak for themselves, and bid you all a very Happy Christmas, and a prosperous New Year from Roo, the Devon Kat wot misses his Mum and Dad but is enjoying his Scottish Holiday!


Camie's Kitties said...

Roo, you look very comfortable. We hope you had a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Cody and Gracie

Anonymous said...

Hello Roo our handsome furbaby,

The new photographs show you're enjoying your Scottish holiday.

It's lovely to see you still smile when your content and asleep and make yourself comfortable wherever you want.

Have you put on a little bit of weight?

This year, for the first time since you adopted us we know that you've enjoyed a proper Christmas Day dinner in a warm home with your foster parents who've told me enjoy having you around.

When you come home to us they will be adopting a couple of furbabies from their local cats charity.

Roo, you've done a good job of showing your foster dad that Kats are fun to have around.

Happy New Year to you & your foster parents. xx

Lots of love & fusses for you from Mum & Dad xx