14 November 2011


Her and Him have been so busy doing something called 'winterising' that Her has not been leaving the laptop turned on so I could post these piccies to the blog. Hmph.

But Her FINALLY has, so here are some pics (more to come, me Mum sent a huge lot for me to post:):

First, here are two snaps of me with me Mum and Dad:

Here's me on the roof-very good viewing of where to strike next, erm, I mean visit. Seriously, just visit. I certainly was not up there to scout out potential sausage gathering tents, erm, spots, erm, never mind:

OK, and finally, here I am napping. Again. Shins do make very good pillows indeed!

I am still trying to learn to appreciate (hmph) The Horrible. It truly is Horrible, I do not like the way it feels all wrapped around me middle and front like that. Her showed me a YouTube video of a cat wearing one and going outside, but I think Them should just give it all up and let me Out. I understand why Mozart wasn't terribly interested in Out but I have never fallen with a squirrel next wrapped around me, nor have I had to contend with Things That Would Eat Me as much as he did, even though I was an Outdoor cat, we just have fewer Things That Would Eat Me. Plus I could hide better, I think. Mozart wasn't exactly the right colour cat to be able to hide in the hedgerows-WOWSA, he was ginger, wasn't he!

And They took my Hoard! Him said their kitchen is too small to have a big (growing, too) stack of Roo MREs (Her thinks it is funny to call me Whiskas pouches 'meals-ready-to-eat) sitting in the middle of the room. Hmph. Me Hoard was NOT in the middle of the room, Her had it neatly stacked against the back wall, but Him made Her hand it all up to Him to stack in the loft.

I went up there to make sure me Hoard would be safe from unauthorised nibbling by the mice-but there are no other animals except Us here, so it is ok, I guess. I liked seeing me Hoard next to Theirs, and I don't think I like that mine is in the loft but there you go.

@Mum, yes! I would like to see piccies of me soon-to-be-fursisters! I will try to be polite, like you said, and I think I can do it, Mum, I really do! I KNOW I can do it better than I can do The Horrible, LOL!


Camie's Kitties said...

Hi Roo. It's good to see that you are settling in. We think it's pretty neat that your hoard of food is so big that they have to store it somewhere else because it takes up too much room. If you play it just right, you can get fed 2x extra per day. Just beg to each of your people separately. Beg to the man out of sight of the woman, and vice versa.

Cody and Gracie

Anonymous said...

Hello Roo our little furbaby. I hope you're enjoying Scotland, and not driving your foster parents up the wall with your let me OUT meow!

I've got the photo of you asleep on the arm of the sofa with my arm round you as my facebook profile photo. Friends who you know from them visiting us in Devon are also keeping up to date with how you're enjoying Scotland (or not) when The Horrible comes out.

Your Dad & I had to laugh that your stash of food is now so big that it's being stored in the loft and that you followed your foster dad up a ladder just to check that no pesky meeces would be able to get to it!

Your foster mum has promised to have the camera at the ready next time you climb it.

I've sent a couple of photos up of your fur sisters, you can see why I've said Shadow is looking like a teddy bear with her winter coat. Dinky at 13 is just a little madam, who does what she wants, when she wants to do it.

Missing you lots & lots, love Mum & Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Roo, your friends from Devon Sue & Paul have asked me to send you a fuss from them, and says they're looking forward to seeing you when The Warm returns. Lots of hugs & fusses from Mum & Dad xx