18 November 2011

@Cammie's Kitties-OH YES, that works VERY well! Me Mum and Dad are gonna get a Roly-Poly home when The Warm returns, roflol!

More piccies!

In this first one is my soon to be fursister, Shadow-she's very purrrrrty!

And this is my soon to be fursister Dinky-she's very purrrrrty too!

When we are at the caravan I like to use the skylight to keep a watch on my beans-gotta make sure they are OK and have me Noms ready, lol!

Here I am in the same pose, erm, position I was using when I got me Mum and Dad to fall in love with me...

I think the final straw about me not staying in Devon for another cold snowy winter, was when a lady in the caravan opposite told my Mum & Dad about me following her around the site crying & trying to get into her caravan. Although I could get into Mum & Dads there was no heating on and it was very cold, that really upset my Mum & Dad, hence I am in with my foster
parents with until The Warm returns.

Something that you might like to try with your furbabies - I've found that if I've been caught out in the rain is a quick rub down with a piece of kitchen roll to help dry me off is rather nice, and takes the strain out of having to do it all yourself. It was quite funny the first time my Mum did it. (she said she didn't want a soaking wet furbaby curled up next to her). She called my Dad to look at the expression on my face, they both say I had a startled look of "What are you doing? I'm used to D.I.Y. or drip-drying".

I also like being brushed but not too keen on the spikey side, as Mum found out when I attacked the brush. I was a very good Roo and made sure that her hands were not in the way first. I'd never been brushed prior to coming to live with Mum & Dad. If you've been following my story on I Mozart & Gonzo blogosphere will know that I didn't get the attention I deserved from the Pillocks.

You can't have a highly intelligent & sensitive furbaby like me without tending to all of my needs. I occasionally get weepy eyes, and I'm really good about Mum bathing them with a little warm water on a cotton wool ball. (Mum told me she was going to get some golden eye ointment for me, but couldn't as it's no longer made - unless any of my furfriends can tell me what she can get that is similar?).

I was returned to my old beans during the early summer while my new Mum & Dad were at their permanent home for a couple of weeks. Another camper took pity on me as my eyes had been weeping quite a lot - I wonder if furbabies get hayfever? They didn't know I'd adopted & been adopted by my new Mum & Dad so suggested to the old Missus that a trip to the V E T was needed. The Missus said "Oh, we haven't seen him for six months" and didn't seem at all concerned about them. She took me in the front door, put me down and I was back out before she could close it. I hated it there - I went straight to the holiday park into my Mum & Dads caravan and kept my head down. I didn't want to be taken back there ever again!

Mum regularly keeps in touch letting me how much she & Dad are missing me (he's not one for showing his feelings) but I've heard through the grapevine that when my foster parents left with me in their car, Dad said that there was a huge Roo shaped hole in their lives and Mum should stop crying as she knew it was for the best, that they'd get to see me again when they come up to Scotland during the Christmas holidays, then I'd be back permanently with them when The Warm returns in the spring. I've always got my ears cocked listening out for them as I miss them as well!

Dear Mum and Dad, please tell Sue and Paul I miss their fussing almost as much as I miss yours! The neighbours come to visit and they give me good fusses but I miss yours. A lot. I am having a very nice Scottish Holiday but it will be nice to be Home again.

Purrs, kisses, and head bumps from your lad,


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Camie's Kitties said...

Roo, you are very lucky that you found your forever parents, and a really good set of foster parents for the winter too. Gracie sometimes gets weepy eyes too, but hates for Mom to mess with them. Mom holds her down and does it anyway - mol.

We are glad that you are going to get to see your mum and dad during the holidays. We can tell they love you very much.

Cody and Gracie